Nightflight x Prins Thomas 4 Hr set

Prins Thomas | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

It’s Prins Thomas all night long. The space disco voyeur charts a course across the musical cosmos, from Ambient to Techno in an evening with the Norwegian stalwart DJ in our basement while MC Kaman & co take care of guilty pleasures in our lounge.

Prins Thomas has all the right ingredients one could look for in a DJ: great skills, humbleness, productions and remixes other people would kill for and most of all, the ability to play records in a way that makes them not only sound good and expedient, but also makes punters dance.

Back, way back in time, he started playing around as a DJ at a puerile age. Viewed as an extension of his break-dancing efforts, belt-driven turntables where enough to support his mix of hip hop, electro and an array of Arthur Baker’s and Shep Pettibone’s jewels. But as soon as he picked up the bass and played in more bands than Norway has trees, the joy of the turntable took a back seat. Until the early nineties arrived that is. Prins still didn’t have his reliable gang of coconspirators, but he picked up a weekly residence, where he championed sounds as far fetched as Miles Davis or The Doors together with the craze that was started by Phuture’s “Acid Tracks”. Dance music was happening again and DJs like the aforementioned Strangefruit did their thing to inspire our hero who is currently more excited about new music than ever before. “I like to mix up the styles. The old with the new, the minimal cuts with the Balearic beauties and my own classics on top of it in order not to get bored”, says the master himself and if he would not be too shy for it, we would call him an edutainer (courtesy of KRS-One).

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