Affirmative Action x Nightflight pres. Schloss with Karima F and Samo DJ

Samo DJ (Trilogy Tapes, Born Free, L.I.E.S) | Karima F | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

Karima F launches her newly founded Schloss label in our backyard today with the help of DJ Samo in this very special edition of Affirmative Action while Nightflight and MC Kaman do its thing in our basement.

Affirmative action, an idea of equality that brought the forties out of the dark ages and became one of JFK’s lasting legacies has finally crawled its way into that last bastion of inequality, the DJ booth, where it will make its mark yet on a new generation marred by gender apartheid… the white male DJ. The brainchild of the Berlin- and Oslo-based house-DJ Karima F, «Affirmative Action» is a residency that seeks to give the unrepresented white male DJs their contested place in the European electronic music scene. Karima F says: Yes he can!

Stockholm’s Samo DJ continually sabotages the model with distinctive productions that fearlessly compact a myriad of demented ideas with a twisted Scandinavian cheek. One-half of Sling & Samo and co-founder of their label Born Free, Samo also creates faux-fantasy original soundtracks with MaxxxBass as KWC 92, while studio time with Tzu Sing, Baba Stiltz and Cos/Mes further transmutes his sound. Responsible for multiple standout L.I.E.S. releases, Samo’s tweaked out edits and remixes have also been issued by Public Possession, Macadam Mambo and Klasse Wrecks.


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