Bicep on the Essential Mix

Bicep returned to the BBC Essential Mix over the weekend, taking a break from their rigorous touring schedule and live show to put a couple of hours in at the decks. Featuring tracks from Fantastic Man, Lake People, Chris Simmonds, Norwell and Wink, Bicep keep it upbeat on this mix for the iconic Pete Tong show, and drift through melodic refrains on the husk of House rhythms. Theres definitely something of the reticent transcendental charm of their album imprinted on this mix with ecclesiastical hooks and reverent atmospheres coalescing around break-beat and 4/4 percussive routines. 


In other news from this weekend, Bicep also appear on Resident Advisor’s The Hour, talking to DJ Moxie about how they organise their music for their sets, and coincidentally share some fun anecdotes about losing USB sticks and misplacing  the entire album at various locations across Europe. It’s a week of all things Bicep here at Jæger so expect more on the duo on our blog later this week as we prepare for their new live show. 

* Bicep are playing live in our basement this Thursday and you can get your tickets here

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