Every Tuesday at Jæger Musikfestklubben presents Den Gyldne Sprekk with resident DJ Herr R. After hosting successful events at the Kniven Bar and Pub, Den Gyldne Sprekk arrives at Jæger to bring a little something different to our weekday programming. For those who like the description of genres, the music can assume any of these […]


Untzdag has been institution on Oslo’s nightlife since it’s inception with  Øyvind Morken selecting the best there is to offer from the world, of Balearic, Afro, Disco, House, Electro and Techno. The Full Pupp affiliate and Moonlighting boss is the DJs DJ with a unique talent for reading an audience and finding that rare gem other DJs might […]


DJ Nuhhh The Gregorian calendar might say 2018, but every Thursday at Jæger, DJ Nuhhh and friends transport their audiences to a different time. RETRO captures the essence of Jæger’s musical versatility and weaves it seamlessly through Disco, Garage, Soul, Gospel, Acid House and Techno with a focus on the music of the past and the influences of today. DJ […]

Frædag x Ploink

DJ Miss Mostly | Thomas Urv (Live) | KSMISK (Live) | Christian Tilt (Live) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C The Bergen Techno juggernaut, PLOINK descends onto Jæger once again with a whole bag of new releases under their belt and a line-up featuring some of the most progressive artists in north of the equator […]

Nightflight x Skranglejazz

Nu Guinea (DJ Set) | Skrangle DJs | Mc Kaman | Jan Sverre From Gaasa to Jæger, Skranglejazz light the candle on both ends, bringing the Italian disco duo Nu Guinea to Jæger’s  backyard for a DJ set. The first event on the Skranglejazz calendar this season kicks off in grand style and continues on […]

Frædag invites Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte (NovaMute / Mary Go Wild Black, BEL) | G-Ha & Olanskii | Ronny Rabalder R.L.O.O.C   Ever their finger on the pulse of electronic music and club culture, G-Ha & Olanskiii extend an invitation to one of the scene’s fastest rising talents. Charlotte de Witte join the Frædag residents across our two […]

Musikkfest Oslo 2018 på Jæger

Live: Finnebassen | Ost & Kjex | Mutual Intentions (3hr takeover) | Whalesharkattacks |  Marius Circus | Ja Azz DJ: G-Ha & Olanskii | Helena Rickhard | Stine Amundsen | MC Kaman | Spilt Melk | DJ Cesi For one day in June every year, Oslo plumes her musical feathers, showcasing some of the city’s […]