Every Tuesday at Jæger Musikfestklubben presents Den Gyldne Sprekk with resident DJ Herr R. After hosting successful events at the Kniven Bar and Pub, Den Gyldne Sprekk arrives at Jæger to bring a little something different to our weekday programming. For those who like the description of genres, the music can assume any of these […]

Frædag invites Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta | G-Ha &Olanskii | Ricky Late | Olefonken | Oskar Pask | Celius Denis Sulta makes a return to Jæger a year on from his last appearance. G-Ha & Olanskii’s Frædag plays host to the artist and DJ yet again as his star continues to rise on an international stage. Ricky Late, Olefonken, […]

Frædag x Svømmebasseng presents DJ Seinfeld – DJ-KiCKS tour

DJ Seinfeld | Svømmebasseng DJ set | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.O.C  Jaeger and Frædag are proud to present an evening with DJ Seinfeld as part of his DJ Kicks tour. G-Ha & Olanskii extend an invitation to DJ Seinfeld for this edition of Frædag with Svømmebasseng joining the visiting guest in our basement for a DJ set, […]