Dellas Drivhus: Della

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Della’s Drivhus showcases DJs who are both up & coming and those who are the founders of the House movement. It combines the sounds of the new and the classics of all House genres. The name itself is stemmed from the root of club music, House (born from Disco) and the primal dance, sound, and vibration of the tribal drum. DELLA feeds her US roots through European corridors, carrying the torch of House music’s origins through her sets and the guests that join her in the booth for Drivhus. The residency joins the dots between the past and the future of House music, built on the bedrock of Oslo clubculture.

DELLA is the solo alias of Kristina Dunn, the USA via Norway musical entity that encompasses producer, vocalist and DJ in her credentials. Growing up in the Midwest, USA and once a resident of Los Angeles, DELLA’s formative years were soundtracked by the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Mark Farina, Hipp-e & Halo, and Doc Martin. A desire cultivated on the dancefloor where DELLA spent most of her weekends, the lure of the decks were too much to resist, and she tentatively made the move from the dance floor to the booth in one gracious and natural step. With a host of credentials and accolades to her name, including airplay on Pete Tong and Heidi’s Radio 1, DELLA’s rise has been a marvel to witness.