Den Gyldne Sprekk: DJ Spacebear + Ole Martin

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DJ Spacebear | Ole Martin

Emboldened with all the fury and the excitement of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Tuesday nights at Jaeger is not for the feint of heart. Somewhere between DJ Harvey and Darkthrone a club night has fallen into a parallel crevasse, searching for a golden gate between worlds. A travelling caravan of some of Norway’s most eccentric DJs and artists are being led o erratic paths of endless loops and intangible destinations by Norways “last rock star” Raymond T. Hauger operating under his DJ pseudonym, Lekkerman. The Beglomeg frontman and outspoken musical voice on Oslo alternative music scene has provoked, perplexed and blasphemed all over the Oslo music scene, with his unique brand of black critical humour and extensive musical knowledge. that follows him into the booth as a DJ. He is an eclectic musical connoisseur in every sense of the word and through his efforts at the Den Gyldne Sprekk on Tuesdays at Jaeger, his Midas touch glows brightly with the luminescent charm of the eye of sauron. A cavalcade of like-minded enthusiast follows Raymond T. Hauger where ever he goes and from extensively curated album nights to live performances, Den Gyldne Sprekk is an onerous club night that refuses to compromise.

Den Gyldne Sprekk