Frædag: Skatebård

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Skatebård | G-Ha & Olanskii | Olefonken

It’s been too long since Skatebård’s played Jæger. His absence has been noted, and while we’ve been enjoying his ascent to world domination from the booth, we’d like to step out from the sidelines and into the playing field. Yes, Skatebård returns to Jæger! G-Ha & Olanskii found a slot in the DJ’s intense touring schedule to get the local legend back in our basement. Frædag’s window to the world turns in to invite one of Norway’s biggest DJ exports back home to play one of the best sound systems in Oslo. Olefonken completes the lineup in our lounge where he offers a much-needed counterpointed to the booming frequencies of our basement.

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#House #Disco #Balearic #breakbeat


Norwegian DJ and producer Bård Aasen Lødemel, better known as Skatebård (and occasionally as Transilvanian Galaxi) happily traverses the outer realms of italo-disco, electro, new wave, and house to such an extent, he may be I-F’s long-lost brother.

With one of the best beards on planet Earth and a smile that extends from one half of the Galaxy to the other, Skatebård is all about universal vibes. He has released more than forty albums, EPs, and singles since 2002, and is best known as a key member of the venerableSex Tags Mania record label roster, where a number of his releases have attained legendary status.