Frædag: g-HA + Olefonken + DJ Ost

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g-HA & Olanskii | DJ Ost (Sex Judas, Ost & Kjex)

A deep murmur ensues from our basement as we strike up the basement sound system. Cobwebs get rattled loose as we eke out a little more volume from the bass bins at the foundation of Olanskii’s lovingly assembled sound system this July for Frædag. We call on our residents and friends throughout July with a set from Oslo stalwart DJ Ost shaking the foundations loose in our basement. The Ost & Kjex and Sex Judas provocateur is always a welcomed presence at Jaeger, combining a serious musical appreciation with a whimsical approach to the dance floor. g-HA and Olefonken take care of business in our sauna, facilitating the late-night courtyard with everything from Afro-Beat to Techno. 

Clubbing in the time of a pandemic

This is not going to be a summer like every other, as we continue to grapple with a pandemic that has had an incredible impact on our culture and has completely changed everyday life in our society. As covid-19 regulations relax, however we can stay open a little longer, push the volume a little louder and eek out the tempos a little further, but we’re still operating under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, but there’s some room for movement now and on reserved nights we’ll be accommodating a social-distancing dance floor in our basement, while our weekly residencies continue to pursue a virtual dance floor from expanding record collections. 

We’re streaming everything live across our two floors throughout July as we continue to adapt to the situation. You can stream every set live from with selected episodes from Ticketco and our facebook page, archiving the odd recording from our youtube or mixcloud accounts.  

DJ Ost

DJ Ost aka Tore Jazztobakk aka Sex Judas, is the multi-personality selector behind a slew of aliases and one of Oslo’s most celebrated music fixtures. As the cheesy half of Ost & Kjex he’s been a significant figure in the city’s electronic music scene since the late nineties, exporting that quirky Norwegian humour in serious music across borders to labels like Diynamic and Crosstown Rebels. As a solo artist, he’s cultivated yet another unique musical entity in the form of Sex Judas, a House and Disco provocateur that has found a home at Optimo music today. Even between his various aliases he still finds time to facilitate the scene through he and Kjex’ Snick Snack label.