Jæger Mix:
Sondre Kveldsvik

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Sondre Kveldsvik | Ivaylo | Karolinski 

A Sunday concept for an alternative kind of mass. A spiritual gathering on the tiles in the warm embrace of a club sound system, the Jaeger mix is the  fulcrum point to the weekend. Jaeger Mix offers the dancer a resolute conclusion, or a brand new start – depending on your perspective – with  Ivaylo and Karolinski programming a journey into the deepest echelons of club music. Joined by a new guest every week, Jaeger Mix will feature some of the best, established and nascent talents from an international club community, for an exclusive recorded mix, developing into an all-night vigil on the dance floor.

The Jaeger Mix is about documenting the sound of Jaeger with mixes jumping between the extensive styles and genres we feature at the club. It’s a seamless transitions and how that connection extends beyond the music and the DJ to the people on the floor, with the focus on downtempo, progressive and deep; and it’s various interpretations. We extend the connection even further into the digital realm each week, giving mixes the opportunity to live outside the here and now, with every recorded session available afterwards for you to re-live the experience or just to meander into a new musical personality through a selection of records. 

Jaeger Mix