Retro: Dan Tyler (Idjut Boys) + Ivan Ave + Moe Chakiri

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Dan Tyler | Daniel Gude | Ivan Ave | Moe Chakiri

Dan Tyler and Daniel Gude are back in Jaeger’s booth together for a winter edition of Retro. After their unforgettable night this summer in Jaeger’s backyard, Daniel Gude has decided to recreate the magic, bringing the Idjut Boy to our basement where the pair will go back to back all night in the company of Gude’s extensive collection lining our walls in the basement. 

Mutual Intentions extend their stay from the night before with Ivan Avenue and Moe Chakiri going through their archives in our living room. Expect some golden era Hip Hop, rare boogie and dusty House. 

Every Thursday at Jaeger, Daniel Gude and friends transport their audiences to a different time. Retro captures the essence of Jaeger’s musical versatility and weaves it seamlessly through Disco, Garage, Soul, Gospel, Acid House and Techno with a focus on the music of the past and the influences of today. Daniel Gude (kids love bass) and guests go back to back each Thursday as an unstoppable force in the booth picking through the history of dance music to arrive at the present. Daniel Gude’s impressive vinyl collection – some of which line our wall in the basement – allows the DJ absolute freedom to pounce on the impulses of his audience. Retro has been a staple on Jaeger’s calendar since day one with the weekly residents often joined by an international booking or a local hero. Past bookings have included: DJ Spen, Todd Edwards, MK, Carl Craig, Seth Troxler, Danny Krivit, Black Coffee, Phil Asher, Karizma, Omar S, Lenny Fontana, Victor Rosado and Roy Davis Jr, to name but a few and as we move into 2019 Retro will still be the pillar of Jæger’s weekly line-up.

Hver torsdag på Jaeger tar Daniel Gude med publikum til en annen tid. Retro er selve essensen av Jægers vidtspennende lydbilde; Disco, Garage, Soul, Gospel, Acid House og Techno serveres med fokus på retro musikk som inspirerer dagens nyutgivelser. Daniel Gude og gjest spiller back-2-back hver torsdag, mens de velger og vraker i godbiter fra DJ baggen. Daniel Gude’s imponerende platesamling, som delvis fyller hyllene bak dj boksen i Jaegers kjeller, gir dem frihetene til å følge musikalske impulser. Retro har vært et ukentlig innslag hos Jæger siden åpningen, og Daniel Gude får ofte selskap av internasjonale DJs som DJ Spen, Todd Edwards, MK, Carl Craig, Seth Troxler, Danny Krivit, Black Coffee, Phil Asher, Karizma, Omar S, Lenny Fontana, Victor Rosado og Roy Davis Jr. Retro vil i 2019 fortsette å være en bærebjelke for Jægers ukentlige program.

Dan Tyler

Dan Tyler was there at the convoluted vortex of House music, a time before the boundaries that would later cordon off large sections of the same music into distinct factions. At a time where elements of dub, funk, disco and even pop music were merging with the harsh machine sounds of Acid House, Tyler and co-conspirator, Conrad McDonnell come to the fore as Idjut Boys.

Consorting with a nefarious sort, the likes of which included DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys and Tyler contributed to a scene at the height of its popularity, but struck out on an individual trajectory that has seen them weave their esoteric strain of influences, from dub to pop music through 4-4 club music for the last thirty years.

Ivan Ave

Ivan Ave’s relationship with music started in the CD shelves of his older sisters. Today the Norwegian MC makes songs clearly shaped by sneaking into 90s bedrooms to play albums by The Fugees and Janet Jackson. In the last few years he has put out several projects, all deeply rooted in the RnB and Hip-Hop of his childhood, perhaps even more the 70s jazz and soul that inspired it. The same vibes are prevalent on any release or event (e.g. Boiler Room) executed by his crew Mutual Intentions, an Oslo based family of visual artists, DJs and musicians.

Moe Chakiri

Moe Chakiri is the man behind the viewfinder at Mutual Intentions, bringing the sound to life in a visual aesthetic. When he’s not taking care of visuals he’s in the booth travelling through the archives of black american music from Soul to House.