Øya Natt x Lyd: Olle Abstract

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Olle Abstract

Could it be… a festival… an opportunity for people to gather unperturbed en-masse… to dance? It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We can finally shake those limbs loose that have atrophied over the course of almost two years. We can be outside and mingle with strangers and now we can dance.

Ola always said we’ll be dancing again by the time that Øya comes along, and while he might have been optimistic in 2020, in 2021 it’s become reality. Øya festival returns to Øslo’s music calendar and that means Øya Natt returns to Jaeger’s calendar. Projecting a welcomed din from its perch in Tøyen, Øya travels to our little urban enclave by night as we host another year of Øya Natt featuring.

Olle Abstract

He’s a nonpartisan tastemaker, that is as comfortable in the company of the latest pop sensation as he is sampling the delicacies from House music’s more obscure origins. His monthly podcast, LYD in which he introduces us to new Norwegian music is an imperative part of our ongoing musical education at Jæger and when we do have the honour of his larger than life presence in our booth, we’re always amazed by the versatility of the DJ. His mixes burn through the rings of Space Disco, passes by the lunar stations of Afro-Beat, and gets sucked into the black-hole of acid into the furthest possible dimensions of House, Techno and Disco.