Det Gode Selskab: Karolinski + Ra – Shidi

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Karolinksi | Ra-Shidi | Phillip Hinz | Tod Louie | Solaris

Footfood make a return to Jæger taking on the Det Gode Selskab in your courtyard, taking full advantage of the fact that we can sleep late on Monday. G-Ha & Olanskii do a bit of moonlighting with Vinny Villbass and Diskjokke as Footfood, the incomparable DJ collective whose rare appearances are well worth the wait every year.

Det Gode Selskab offers a fitting end to the week with an evening of  House and Techno that can go in any direction with Solaris, Tod Louie and Philip Hinz at the helm. Often joined by Oslo favourites like g-Ha, Det Gode Selskab have only one purpose in mind when they get to the booth, and that is the music and the people. Their boat parties have become the stuff of legends and their events in places like Rockefeller and the Vulkan arena have cemented their reputation amongst their peers in Oslo as the go-to guys for quality music and an electric atmosphere. Their Sunday sets are intimate affairs for dedicated audiences who love to dance and “constraint” is hardly a word this society has in their vocabulary. This concept is Oslo staple on a Sunday.

Det Gode Selskab tilbyr en passende avsluttning på uken med House og Techno i alle varianter med Solaris, Tod Louie og Philip Hinz bak rattet, og Oslo favoritter som G-Ha hiver seg ofte med på laget. Det Gode Selskab fokuserer bare på en ting, og det er å piske opp god stemning blandt folket. Båtfestene deres er legendariske, og sammen med fester på steder som Vulkan Arena og Rockefeller har de bygget opp Det Gode Selskab som det beste selskap i Oslo! Søndagsfestene er en mer intim affære for hovedstatens dedikerte hedonister, her møtes de hver søndag for å utnytte hvert minutt helgen har å tilby.