Sunday Service: Olle Abstract

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Olle Abstract 

Olle Abstract preaches the gospel of House for a Sunday Service of music in our courtyard. The concept brings some solace to the masses with one of Oslo’s first House DJs at the helm. Serving up the people from his pulpit each week, Olle Abstract and guests play through the legacy of club music for a different kind of religious experience on Sundays. The godfather of Norwegian House music picks through the annals of tradition and looks to the future with his intricate knowledge and deft experience closing out every weekend at Jaeger. 

Clubbing in the time of a Pandemic

This is not going to be a summer like every other, as we continue to grapple with a pandemic that has had an incredible impact on our culture and has completely changed everyday life in our society. As covid-19 regulations relax, however we can stay open a little longer, push the volume a little louder and eek out the tempos a little further, but we’re still operating under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, but there’s some room for movement now and on reserved nights we’ll be accommodating a social-distancing dance floor in our basement, while our weekly residencies continue to pursue a virtual dance floor from expanding record collections. 

Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract is a DJ with his finger firmly on the pulse of this music, a nonpartisan tastemaker, that is as comfortable in the company of the latest pop sensation as he is sampling the delicacies from House music’s more obscure origins. Coming up through the ranks with the likes of G-Ha in Oslo, through the channels at the now legendary Skansen, Olle Abstract has been the unwavering thermostat by which we gauge the temperature of House music in the Norwegian capital.