Ole HK and Normann in the mix

Finnebassen + Normann + Ole HK

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Finnebassen | Normann  | Ole HK

Finnebassen steps in the footsteps of House music traditions, while laying new tracks for the next generations of DJ provocateurs. The Norwegian DJ and producer settles into Thursdays at Jaeger, bringing various guests to the sauna with setlists that go from Disco to Techno. Bridging that gap between the accessible and the unattainable, Finnebassen’s Thursdays centre on the dance floor, as he brings that innate spark that has garnered him international appeal to Jaeger’s cosy nook in the heart of the city. Able to move from the big international festival stages to the intimate crowds in Oslo, a night with Finnebassen is a high-energy affair, succumbing to the impulses of the night. 

Gården: Ole HK + Normann + Finnebassen
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Leaving his teenage genre hopping days behind him, 2008 saw a house music epiphany, as a deep rooted interest in electronic music began, bringing Finnebassen to the sound he relays today. Although he has been producing music and playing gigs in his hometown of Oslo for a long time, 2012 saw his first releases, which gained huge support and landed him at the top of the beatport charts. You will regularly find Finnebassen touring the world; he has played to crowds from Europe to Asia, and Australia to USA.


A DJ avoiding the ubiquitous producer title, Normann is defining his sound from the booth with sets for the likes of Villa and Jaeger. With foundations built on the minimal traditions, Normann bounces between elements of Deep House and Tech House, focusing on cold atmospheric mood building through the set.

Ole HK

A rising star on Oslo’s DJ circuit, Ole has been a regular favourite at Jaeger. Associations with the sous-vide records crew, Finnebassen and Normann, sees Ole regular play amongst the city’s elite clubs and concepts and at Jaeger he can often be found playing on Thursdays. Ole has a penchant for the minimal sounds that lean toward Techno and the deeper side of House, but can be heard playing across the board.