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Oslo World: Acid Arab + Glitter55

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Acid Arab | Glitter55 

The sounds of the world echo the streets of Oslo once more as Oslo World returns on Jaeger’s calendar. World Music takes on many connotations in the era of the digital village, but for one week in the year, it means we can shine a light to those sounds that converge on the intersections of disparate cultures. Jaeger, once again  plays its role in Oslo World, as the club stage for the city wide event. Acid Arab and Glitter55 join Jaeger’s residents in a kaleidoscopic sound sculpture taking place across our two stages. Jaeger’s own sonic travellers sets the tone for the night ahead from the sauna while Acid Arab and Glitter55 takeover the basement for Oslo World.

gården: TBC
diskon: 22:00 – Glitter55
               00:00 – Acid Arab 
#house #techno #eastern

cc: 150kr – 200kr

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Acid Arab 

The Parisian electronic music crew Acid Arab have been putting European festivals and club audiences under a spell for the last couple of years, with their intoxicating blend of sharp electronic music with Eastern sounds & vocals. Inspired by sounds from places such as Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, they want to create a space for Arab culture in the world of contemporary electronic music. After releasing several EPs (the Collections series) on electronic music label Versatile, featuring collabs, remixes and tracks by other artists, they became a fully-fledged musical entity by teaming up with Pierrot Casanova, Nicolas Borne and, for studio and live activities, with sensational Algerian keyboard player Kenzi Bourras. 


Her journey has taken her from the Ocean district of Rabat to the North of France where she brought her family Chaabi music to the shabby bars. Currently based in Paris, the Moroccan born DJ keeps on refining her sound between the music of the western world and the futurism of techno.