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Klubb Øya x Loving Tuesdays

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DJs: Lente | DiskJokke | Crussen | Grönis

Live: Pappasaft | Hepatit-X

The official pre-party to Øya kicks off at Jaeger during Loving Tuesdays. We stack the decks with DJs and live acts across Jaeger’s two floors in the annual tradition of the pre-festival melee, preceding four days of controlled festival chaos. For the first time, Lente hosts the night, accommodating a predominantly Swedish line-up at his weekly Loving Tuesdays residency. Crussen, Grönis and DiskJokke take on DJ duties alongside Lente in the sauna while Pappasaft and Hepatit-X get raucous in the diskon. 

ID: 20

18:00 – 21:00 Lente
21:00 – 23:00 Crussen
23:00 – 01:00 diskJokke
01:00 – 03:00 Grönis

20:00 JiJMY DMND
21:00 Hepatit X
22:00 Pappasaft
23:00 JiJMY DMND

CC: 19:00 – 21:00: 100kr
       21:00 – 03:00: 150kr


diskJokke was first discovered back in 2008 when signing three tunes to  Prins Thomas Full Pupp label (released on two 12” singles). Almost  simultaneously in Germany, M.A.N.D.Y, DJ T and the Get Physical gang signed diskJokke for five other tunes (spread on two 12” singles) to their new Get Physical sub label, Kindisch. Upon hearing his 12”s, word quickly spread about diskJokke’s quirky, spaced out and dubby mixture of house, Italo and disco, and he was soon asked to remix tunes for a number of artists, including Metronomy, Lindstrom, Foals, Spektrum, The XX, Charlotte Gainsbourg, David Lynch and Bloc Party.

As a DJ, diskJokke has played everything from Panoramabar Berlin, Space Ibiza, Liquid Room Tokyo, D Edge Sao Paulo, Razzmatazz Barcelona, in addition to festivals as Sonar, Big Chill, Dour, CTM and Øya.

diskJokke’s sound is the sound of Norwegian disco taken to its farthest, futuristic limits. It’s epic, groovy, poppy and most of all melodic, but at the same time, it is melancholic and cinematic. His sound might very well be a reflection of his algorithmic mind of which you can blame his master degree in mathematics.


Lente, is an electronic music producer and DJ from the west coast of  Sweden. During the last decade he has been a part of the dynamic and dashing Norwegian club scene, based in Oslo. He is known for creating deep, playful and unique sets at club venues in Oslo, and other parts of northern Europe – such as Berlin, Freiburg,  Stockholm and Gothenburg.

In the year of the pig (2019) Lente decided to collaborate with Edelgran Records to release his first Ep. Currently he continues to working with his studio buddy Dennis Jernelius, in making music and establishing Edelgran.  Lente has performed several gigs at rugged venues such as Dimension Festival in Croatia, as well as warm-up sessions for Fritz Kalkbrenner, Daniel Bortz and Be Svendsen. Unforgettable sets at Kater Blau and Sisyphos (Berlin) with his friend and colleague Crussen. The twosome released the single Matua during 2019 which they created cooperatively.


Playfully exploring music, mind and nature.For about a decade I have been exploring ways in which I can have a new experience of myself in the world. Upon seeing myself differently, I am  reminded that I can move around in this world with lightness. My concept  of Self needn’t be so fixed and as stimuli come at me, I can receive and  carry it without attaching to it. I can let it move me before I respond and let it move through me and out. 

Over the years a mission to be in service of others has established itself. As I go further into my own practices, the mediums through which I express myself, solidify and multiply. I create electronic music, DJ,  play harmonica and harp, facilitate breathwork, sound journey and  movement experiences. I see every interaction and every situation as an opportunity to understand myself better, and the better I understand myself the more I can relate to others.


Grönis been playing, producing and working with music for a good 20  years by now. Originally involved in early Swedish techno-label G-force and their house-label Eloge. He’s been playing everywhere from fancy fashion-shows to not-so-fancy  trip-joints. But preferably commands sweaty dancefloors, both at local  clubs, parties and festivals in Croatia, Germany, Belgium or Ibiza. Grönis is playing House in a broad but still focused perspective. Curiously forward-thinking but deeply rooted in club music history.


Pappasaft are known for their sharp textures and firm grasp on melodies.  After releasing their debut LP, “I Verste Velgående”, they have established a reputation as one of Norway’s most engaging punk bands, to some critical acclaim. After a time of inactivity during the pandemic, they are finally back with a new single “PSGC”, facilitated by their long-standing relationship with Big Day records. 


As a Consequence of Swine Flu, Hepatit-X ended up in Oslo in 2011 to form a rock band. The quartet provides a hard-knuckled mix of punk and stoner rock, sprinkled by aggression, some healthy hatred, and an introverted sense of humor. If you appreciate Kyuss, Entombed, Misfits and Black Debbath/Sabbath/Plague/flag – this is likely something for you. In addition to both domestic and international tours, the band has two EP’s in their catalog, including a Split EP (w. Jævla Pistolklubb) from 2015 (self-released), and “Soldiers and Supervisors from 2018 released by Big Day Records.


JiJMY DMND is a Dj with a funky rough cut sound and smooth vibes. Inspired by psychedelics, rock and disco. He has been active in the Oslo club scene for many years. To the table he always brings the the coolest selection of deep, dark, sexy, funky, groovy tunes you ever heard. He has been seen spinning all round town, that slut! Now for the second time at Jæger he will bringing his rock and punk classics to the basement.