Blossy: A:G + Thorgerdur Johanna

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A:G | Thorgerdur Johanna
The Blossy crew, made up of DJ duo and artists A:G & Thorgerdur Johanna work the floor this Wednesday. Blossy is a label and mix series that has played an integral role in bringing Oslo’s House and Techno community together and between reserved release schedule and the mixes, A:G and Thorgerdur have carved a unique sonic path through the Oslo scene and beyond, dedicated to community.
Asgeir Giskegjerde from Norway is always searching for music with openness and curiosity, and his love for finding new gems only grows stronger with time. With a playful approach to blending tracks and styles when behind the decks, there’s always another wave of energy coming, as he connects genres and harmonies to create a state of flow.
With recent output on labels like Det Gode Selskab, OsloGround and Blossy (with Thorgerdur), A:G is also slowly building a discography of tracks showing love for the dancefloor.

Thorgerdur Johanna
Thorgerdur Johanna is an Icelandic DJ based in Oslo. Starting out as a classical pianist who later turned singer-songwriter, she had strong musical background when she started DJing late 2014.  She has played alongside the likes of tiNi, Nima Gorji, and.rea and Charlotte T. among others and constantly continues to impress and surprise her crowd, colouring her sets with authentic positivity. What triggers her when it comes to electronic music is warmth, mystique and interesting story-telling melodies that combined in a set create a journey that is hard to forget. She loves travelling through different kinds of styles, exploring how they together create an effortless flow, focusing on the vibe rather than any style.