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Jaeger Mix: Center of the Universe + Nan

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Center of the Universe (live) | Nan | Ivaylo 

The jaeger mix returns! It’s a new and improved version, including live acts, live streaming and of course the recorded mix sessions by some of Oslo’s most enduring and hotly anticipated DJs and producers. Moving to select Wednesdays, the Jaeger mix or Æ Mix  finds a new home with resident DJ Ivaylo at the helm of his residency once again. Living beyond the immediate and documenting Jaeger’s sound, the Jaeger Mix series is a club night and a recorded mix series. Ivaylo programmes a journey into the deepest recesses of club music and beyond with selected guests, a Kodak moment in time of club music in Oslo. 

Listen to previous episodes here: https://soundcloud.com/jaegermix 

ID 20

Sauna: 22:00 – Center Of The Universe (live)
23:30 –  Nan
01:00 – Ivaylo

cc: free

Center of the Universe 

Center Of The Universe aka Dj Sissyfus is a Norwegian electronic music producer who recently turned his output into a mixture of unique “ethno” disco & warm synthpop. Live, he presents enchanting lyrics, catchy melodies, pinches of acid and clarinet. To date he has released 15 albums, performing in numerous live bands and has been running his own label, Metronomicon Audio since 2000.

DJ Nan

With a handpicked soulful selection and glimmering technical skills Nan has played herself into the heart of Oslo club culture. From chilled Hip Hop to summer House, Nan’s sets favour a warm mood in the temperate zones of a DJs record bag. A rising star on our scene, she has entranced audiences at Jaeger with her deep and sensual selections.


A true deep house soldier and a purveyor of only the finest house, techno and everything in between, Ivaylo is a multifaceted DJ and producer based in Oslo, Norway. A firm fixture at the city’s Jaeger Club (where he acts as a resident), the Bogota label owner firmly subscribes to the belief that ‘deep’ is a feeling rather than a sound and house is an attitude more than it is a genre. Right now, it’s Ivaylo’s work at Jaeger, Bogota Records and Full Pupp for which he is best renowned. Established out of Oslo in 2014, he personifies all that’s great about an well-travelled musical vision: colourful, eclectic and impossible-to-pigeonhole, it neatly reflects his own way of working. From a production standpoint, the future also promises to be an integral one for Ivaylo, with a slew of releases coming out via Print Thomas’ Full Pupp and his own Bogota Records labels.