Løkka FM: Trudee Nite + Goodzee + Andreas (565)

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Trudee Nite | (Toshy D & Marius Bangerfeldt) | Goodzee | Andreas (565)

Proper House anthems and Garage vibes…. DJ collective Løkka FM hit the ones and twos in the sauna. The bass-informed clubbing concept is a regular fixture on Wednesdays at Jaeger, where they showcase the latest from their stall of Oslo DJs. With a direct line to London’s pirate radio traditions, they pump the bass-happy sounds from the UK through a sauna in the Norwegian capital. 

Løkka FM

The Oslo-collective consolidate around a pan-atlantic sound focussing on the rougher edges of House, Garage, UKG and two-step. Starting life as a radio show on, they constitute mixtapes, club nights and a record label today with more waiting in the wings. With a rough and ready approach to their sound, and acknowledging the legacy of the history of this music, Løkka FM play through the annals and the future classics of these sounds.