Løkka FM: Trudee Nite + Goodzee + Andreas (565)

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Trudee Nite | (Toshy D & Marius Bangerfeldt) | Goodzee | Andreas (565)

DJ collective Løkka FM hit the ones and twos in the sauna. It’s turn at the Lab on Wednesdays, where we showcase the latest from Oslo’s clubbing community. Wednesdays are our weekly platform for the more obscure concepts and DJs around Oslo with an emphasis on versatility and eclecticism. From the uncompromising corners of Oslo’s clubbing and DJ landscape, concepts and DJs representing the vast landscape of club music from Drum n Bass to Balearic and Techno set a presumptuous tone for an early weekend.

Clubbing in the time of a Pandemic

This is not going to be a summer like every other, as we continue to grapple with a pandemic that has had an incredible impact on our culture and has completely changed everyday life in our society. As covid-19 regulations relax, however we can stay open a little longer, push the volume a little louder and eek out the tempos a little further, but we’re still operating under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, but there’s some room for movement now and on reserved nights we’ll be accommodating a social-distancing dance floor in our basement, while our weekly residencies continue to pursue a virtual dance floor from expanding record collections.

Løkka FM

The Oslo-collective consolidate around a pan-atlantic sound focussing on the rougher edges of House, Garage, UKG and two-step. Starting life as a radio show on, they constitute mixtapes, club nights and a record label today with more waiting in the wings. With a rough and ready approach to their sound, and acknowledging the legacy of the history of this music, Løkka FM play through the annals and the future classics of these sounds.