Øya Natt: Annie (DJ set) + Helene Rickhard

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Annie (DJ Set) | Helene Rickhard 

Could it be… a festival… an opportunity for people to gather unperturbed en-masse… to dance? It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We can finally shake those limbs loose that have atrophied over the course of almost two years. We can be outside and mingle with strangers and now we can dance.  

Ola always said we’ll be dancing again by the time that Øya comes along, and while he might have been optimistic in 2020, in 2021 it’s become reality. Øya festival returns to Øslo’s music calendar and that means Øya Natt returns to Jaeger’s calendar. Projecting a welcomed din from its perch in Tøyen, Øya travels to our little urban enclave by night as we host another year of Øya Natt featuring.


Anne Lilia Berge Strand, better known as Norwegian Singer / Songwriter / DJ / Label Owner and all round Pop Queen “Annie” has always been obsessed with Pop. A crossover sensation between the charts and the club dance floor Annie is as adept at the earworm as she is behind a pair of decks. 

Helene Rickhard

A regular at Oslo’s Jaeger, Helene has now moved out of the city to a house on the coast, where she produces music with her cat, Enya. When she and her cat are not producing music, she’s playing beat-informed synth music brooding in a darkened eighties mood.