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Sous Vide residents | More TBA

Sous-Vide Records returns to Jaeger for another midweek showcase. After releasing their first record in August, the label, has already started making impressions, worldwide with props from the likes of Mixmag Asia, before even releasing their first record. With a slew of releases primed for this year and next, they’re hitting out hard between physical and digital releases. Sous-Vide take their sound to the sauna in what has become a regular fixture at Jaeger.

Lineup will be announced shortly!

Clubbing in the time of a Pandemic

We continue to grapple with a pandemic that has had an incredible impact on our culture and has completely changed everyday life in our society. Covid-19 regulations are still in effect and we’re operating under shorter opening times, under a limited capacity with seating room only. Table service is in effect, but there’s some room for movement now, so get there early and make yourself familiar with the pandemic measures we’ve taken to keep our guests and our staff safe.

We’re streaming everything live across our two floors as we continue to adapt to the situation. You can stream every set live from 

Sous Vide Records

Sous-Vide Records is a small Norwegian vinyl & self releasing imprint focused on the grooves of minimalism. Our vision is to build a sustainable, timeless portfolio of both rising stars and established talent who are, like us, fueled by genuine passion for music. Our name is inspired by the technique of preparing food “sous-vide”; a French innovation from the 18th century which revolutionized the world of cooking forever. It dramatically increased the control over temperature and pressure by vacuum sealing the food,, allowing for higher precision than had ever been possible before. This enabled uncompromising chefs to consistently deliver the same, delicious taste with every single dish. For this reason it appeals to those who truly love their craft and those who will not settle for mediocrity. We believe that this way of thinking is what has made French cuisine renowned around the world, and has inspired food lovers everywhere to strive for perfection. We seek to spread the same inspiration and creative fuel to music enthusiasts everywhere. A release from Sous-Vide Records is more than a collection of tracks – it is vacuum sealed minimalism.