Mix of the Week – Tod Louie

Tod Louie surprises with this new profile mix for Det Gode Selskab. An exotic mix with traces of organic instruments tracing a line through familiar club arrangements, this mix finds Tod Louie in a reflective, meditative disposition. Counterpointing percussive rhythms weave through seductive melodies and haunting backdrops with a lethargic, often invisible 4/4 counting out […]

Bypåskefestivalen 2018

Untzdag: Young Marco | Øyvind Morken | Kompressorkanonen Ravi Brunsvik (De Fantastiske To) | Jokubas Bajorinas   Retro presents Boogienetter:DJ Nuhhh | DJ Dust | Benjamin Lee  Larry Levanger | Rude Lead | Luke Jaywalker | Erik fra Bergen | Mathias Stubø | DirtyHans | Discosnuten   Skranglejazz: PLO Man (Acting Press/UK) | Finnebassen | […]

A Q&A with Terre Thaemlitz (DJ Sprinkles) – Part 1

“Liberal humanist cultures are recognizing they do not need to demand our heterosexuality. They only require our heteronormativity.” – Terre Thaemlitz Deproductions (2017) Terre Thaemlitz has been a phenomenal artistic presence in the world since the early 90’s. A DJ; an audio-visual artist; a writer; and a lecturer, Terre Thaemlitz’ biography is extensive and encompassing […]

JM#085 – G-Ha

This week; a Jæger mix one of the most instrumental DJ figures in Oslo, G-Ha. The facilitator behind what had been exported out of Oslo as the Skansen sound – taking its name from the club in which it gestated – G-Ha was one of the key figures in bringing House to Oslo and inspiring […]

Album of the Week: Anthony Linell – A sense of Order

At a time when ambient music has taken on new-age connotations through endless Bandcamp pages that peddle handmade cassettes from the obscure hippies, ambient records rarely make their presence felt in the way of Brian Eno’s mediative, unhurried synthesiser music of the eighties and seventies. Ambient music today draws closer connotations to spa retreats than […]

Nightflight presents Finnebassen (Live) & Olanskii

Finnebassen (Live) | Olanskii |MC Kaman | Jan Sverre Olanskii goes solo in the basement for a visit to MC Kaman’s Nightflight. He’s extended an invitation to Sunkissed affiliate and long-time Jæger friend, Finnebassen to join him in the subterranean depths, where the famed Norwegian producer will perform live for an intimate audience. MC Kaman […]

Mix of the week – Leif

Leif, the Freerotation resident DJ and producer, pulled an inescapable mix together for Blowing up the Workshop last week. From RA to FactMag, this mix has received a tremendous reception and with good cause.  Amongst all the beat-driven, fast-paced House and Techno mixes that continually pass through our playlists, Leif ambient approach gives us cause […]

Out of Quarantine and in to Dust – Laurel Halo through the albums

I have a distinct memory of hearing Laurel Halo’s Quarantine for the first time. Her un-processed vocals, on the edge of breaking, counteracting the sweet harmonic of a distant obscure electronic accompaniment. It delivered something visceral and provocative to the ear. There was something in her voice that stretched over familiar melodic intervals that was […]

JM#084 – DJ Hamburger

Jaeger technical associate, DJ Hamburger kicks us off on this week’s Jæger mix with an blistering electro cut from COEO, planting its feet firmly on the dance floor for the duration of its stay. A sound-boom operator by day and a phantom behind our mixing desk by night on occasion, DJ Hamburger comes out from […]

Album of the Week: Nightmares on Wax – Shape the Future

Warp’s artist in residence since 1989. Nightmares on Wax is back on the label he calls home with his first LP in five years, proffering a vision on the shape of things to come in “Shape the Future”. Nightmares on Wax have seen electronic music gestate as an underground movement, develop throughout the nineties and […]

Frædag invites DJ Sprinkles

DJ Sprinkles | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.O.C Frædag is Jæger’s touchstone to the outside world, an event hosted by G-Ha & Olanskii that brings some of the most significant figures in electronic club music to Oslo every week, and few are quite as distinguished as this week’s guest… DJ Sprinkles. In collaboration with Kunstnernes […]

Mix of the Week – KSMISK

Recorded in Jæger’s basement during the first LYD showcase, is a live performance from Oslo’s latest intergalactic Techno voyeurs, KSMISK. KSMISK is the Techno alias of a prominent Oslo electronic music act, who have for the last few years have making uncompromising Techno for Thomas URV’s PLOINK label. A combination of thunderous percussion and salacious […]