DELLA and Homero Espinosa release Burning Hot

Coming out via Traxsource this weekend is a new collaboration with DELLA and Homero Espinosa on Moulton Music called Burning Hot. The Jæger resident (real name Kristina Dunn)  teamed up with the Bay area producer/DJ previously known as DJ Huey for a single released through the San Francisco studio facility and label Moulton music on […]

Mix of the Week: Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall delivered a dynamic, effervescent set for the Ransom Note mix series over the weekend. One part of the Canadian, progressive Techno group, Graze and the head at New Kanada records, Adam Marshall has been making music since the late 90’s, and from his more minimal solo releases to his work as Graze, there’s […]

Karima F launches Schloss records

Affirmative Action resident Karima F and Oslo visual artist Ida Ekblad has launched a new label with a 12″ from UK producer Max Fowler. Coming out of the Oslo artist space of the same name, Schloss looks to combine the visual aesthetic of Ida Ekblad with the musical ear of Karima. Fowler delivers two deep […]

A guide to post-Trance

What is post-Trance? Literally meaning “after trance” and not in the spiritual enlightenment kind of way, but rather referring to the style of music called Trance. It was a phrase coined by Techno artist Voiski back in January 2017 when The French artist used it to describe a Resident Advisor live set he’d recorded. The […]

JM#089 – Rave – Enka

The Ravi Brunsvik alter ego, Rave – Enka is back in our booth for this instalment of the Jæger mix. Always a welcomed sight at Jæger, Brunsvik is almost a fixture at Jæger, and the mix follows a mere couple of weeks since his last appearance in our booth for Øyvind Morken’s Untzdag. Whether he’s […]

Untzdag with Hunee & Øyvind Morken

Diskon: Hunee (Rush Hour) Øyvind Morken (Mysticisms / L.I.E:S.)   Bakgården: Mischa Mathys DJ Hamburger (Mcdonalds / Burgerking)   Hunee returns to Jæger on Øyvind Morken’s Untzdag ticket. The Rush Hour DJ phenomenon, is constantly in transit between clubs, festivals and record stores, but with persuasion and patience we’ve been able to secure a spot […]

Influences with Soft as Snow

Soft as Snow’s debut album Deep Wave, has an inconspicuous start. A kick-hat-snare beat swings the listener into the album, luring its audience into a false sense of security. A feminine voice strains against the abstract electronic landscape that swirls like a maelstrom through an abject noise, delivering the listener finally to a humid sonic […]

Album of the week: Extrawelt – Fear of an Extra Planet

In a musical world where it seems sounds and artists have to constantly adapt and evolve to stay relevant, we take some comfort that a group like Extrawelt exists. With their latest album “Fear of an Extra Planet” they close out a trilogy of albums for Cocoon Recordings that started back in 2008 and through […]

Hear a new track from Melkeveien

Released over the weekend, “Homecoming” is Melkeveien’s first original release in 2018. After an hiatus from 2014’s Peter Pan Death Wish, it seems the Norwegian electronic indie act are back in the studio, with “Homecoming” following closely on from 2017’s “Søve På Det”. This latest single is airy and light with a ghostly charm locked […]

Mix of the Week: Honey Dijon

By special request from our resident DELLA, Honey Dijon plays us into the weekend. This mix, recorded at Boiler Room in October last year, is a peak time set that caters to an unbridled energy. Honey Dijon doesn’t placate her crowd with unnecessary fillers and from beginning to end this mix simply bounces along. Latin-infused […]

Frædag x Ploink

DJ Miss Mostly | Thomas Urv (Live) | KSMISK (Live) | Christian Tilt (Live) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C The Bergen Techno juggernaut, PLOINK descends onto Jæger once again with a whole bag of new releases under their belt and a line-up featuring some of the most progressive artists in north of the equator […]

A queer eye view from the booth

Type in the term “Queer Art” and the first result is almost always in the form of a question. A fairly new development in the lexicon of modern art theory, the term “Queer” was only really introduced to the glossary of terms in the 1980’s – even though it now refers to art made before […]