JM#077 – DELLA

The first guest to the Jæger mix series in 2018 and the first return-guest of the entire Æmix series is none other than DELLA. Following a year that saw her launch DELLA’s Drivhus at Jæger, playing alongside Tommy Bones and Jesse Rose, the DJ, vocalist and producer settles into 2018 with a spot on  Jæger […]

New Norwegian Music and Run DMC with Olle Abstract

In Joddski and Tommy Tee’s music video for “Æ E Old School” from 2016, Olle “ Abstract”  Løstegaard’s cameo doesn’t go unnoticed. Amongst peers like Strangefruit and Hele Fitta, the six-foot something Norwegian DJ is as much a physical presence as a symbolic one. One of the original protagonists in the story of electronic music […]

Nightflight x Mutual Intentions

Fredfades | Dirty Hans | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre The Mutual Intentions crew touchdown in Jæger’s basement to battle it out with MC Kaman’s Nightflight upstairs. Fredfades and Dirty Hans are in situ for the MI crew, playing a delectable selection of Soul, House and Funk, stepping through rare 7 inches onto the latest […]

Album of the Week: Terekke – Plant Age

Terekke is one of a core group of artists that helped establish the L.I.E.S label in its formative years. When Ron Morelli launched the Long Island Electrical Systems label back in 2017, it was his intention to create a conduit for the “great” unreleased material his friends were producing. Chief amongst these friends was an […]

Frædag Invites Cassy

Cassy  (Kwench, Aus) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C (Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken, Celius) Cassy returns on the Freadag bill with G-ha & Olanskii and the R.L.O.C collective featuring Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken, Celius. A honorary resident at this point, Cassy visits the basement, shortly after establishing Kwench records on the eve of […]

Resolutions and Aspirations with Moscoman

Moscoman arrived out of the Tel Aviv scene into Berlin five years ago with the dynamic and esoteric sound of the Israeli beach side city as the eastern Mediterranean’s answer to the Balearic call. Clattering between guitars and drum machines in a musical dialect with flavours spanning deep into his cultural roots, Moscoman’s sound has […]

JM#076 – Ivaylo

Same procedure as last year… The Jæger mix returns with resident Ivaylo inaugurating the mix series for the year ahead. The DJ/Producer behind Bogota records and Jæger’s resident Deep-House veteran, sets the tone for 2018 with an eclectic mix, from some of the artists and DJs that lit up Jæger’s floor over the last year. […]

Lyd with Olle Abstract, KSMISK and Rudolfs Kontainer

KSMISK | Rudolfs Kontainer | Olle Abstract Olle Abstract ‘s Lyd show comes to life at Jæger in 2018. The Radio Host and DJ curates a night of music between the stage and the booth with a host of new- and established Norwegian music acts, while Olle Abstract segues a soundtrack from new Norwegian sounds […]

The live performance in the age of the club

There’s something Stefan Goldmann said in our recent interview  that lingers with me. “Now we’re kind of back in 1840”, he remarked about a trend consuming electronic music, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1990’s, and never to this degree as electronic music is more embedded in the popular zeitgeist than ever […]

Nightflight x Prins Thomas 4 Hr set

Prins Thomas | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre It’s Prins Thomas all night long. The space disco voyeur charts a course across the musical cosmos, from Ambient to Techno in an evening with the Norwegian stalwart DJ in our basement while MC Kaman & co take care of guilty pleasures in our lounge. Prins Thomas […]

Album of the week: Claro Intelecto – Exhilarator

Claro Intelecto’s music swells and breathes with a dense t ecclesiastic choir of synthesisers and drum machines, pulsing at various speeds through the history of electronic music. A moonlighting project for Manchester’s Techno veteran Mark Stewart, Claro Intelecto skirts around the genre’s more marginal exploits, combining elements of dub, electro and IDM into mesmerising creations […]

In the booth with Leo Woelfel

Romjulsfestivalen might seem like a whole other lifetime ago, but it was in fact only a week and a bit since we were getting down to the sounds of Leo Woelfel in our basement. The German native and head of the rtct.records label out of Innsbruck, accompanied the disco-skrangle sounds of Svømmebasseng with a Deep […]