It just makes sense with Perel

“I never dared to become an artist” says Annegret Fiedler over a phone call with the release of her debut album looming closer.  “It was always kind of there, but I never really thought about it”, she explains – “I never thought I was good enough”. Annegret’s voice struggles a little under the consternation of […]

JM#082 – Davidow

A Jæger institution, Mandagsklubben has been with us since the beginning and its residents Jeff Niels, Andre Bravo and Davidow make up an essential part of the foundation of Jæger today. They are the glue that ties the week together as we descend from the weekend into the week, providing a platform for some of […]

Beyond a culturally determined reality with Burnt Friedman

There’s something about Burnt Friedman’s music that’s impossible to pin down between  genres, styles or cultural cues. The German artist’s music exists beyond any zeitgeist or totemic musical pole in an unifying artistic language all onto its own. With an acute focus on rhythmical structures to an almost obsessive degree, Friedman’s work operates on the […]

Frædag invites Peggy Gou and Laurel Halo

Peggy Gou (Ninja Tune, Rekids, KR/DE)  | Haurel Halo (Hyperdub, Berlin Community Radio, USA/DE) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C G-Ha & Olanksii and Subjekt bring two contrastive musical hemispheres together this Frædag with the electronic avant-gardist Laurel Halo joining the variably vibrant Peggy Gou in our basement. G-Ha & Olanskii provides an evasive bridge […]

Listen to a mix by Øyvind Morken for Dimensions

Taken from a recent set at Villa, where Øyvind Morken warmed up for Ron Morelli, this mix made it on to the Dimensions podcast series, where Morken is due to make a return appearance this year. An opener set playing in lower BPMs and picking at fringes of electronic music through ambient, synth wave, and […]

Mix of the Week: Huxley Anne

Exploring the tenuous exchange between LA’s beat scene and the UK bass scene, comes this lush mix from LA beatmaker from Huxley Anne. Digging deep between Hip Hop and Dubstep and experimental breakbeat from the likes of Noisia and Untold, Huxley Anne creates a sauntering mood that floats effortlessly between those worlds. Even Thundercat puts […]

Listen to an RA exchange with Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman talked to Angus Finlayson over on Resident Advisor about his extensive career for an Exchange session yesterday. Starting with the Secret Rhythms concept, the pragmatic German talks about labelling tracks, natural rhythm, working with Jaki Liebezeit, individualism, cultural imprints and Nonplace. Rhythm is recurring theme throughout the interview, and Burnt Friedman shares some incredible insights […]

A dozen questions for Call Super

Joe Seaton, the man behind the Call Super moniker, has quietly been carving out a name for himself in the modern electronic music lexicon over the last six years. As a producer he commands the album format with great skill and the two examples, Suzi Ecto and Arpo via Houndstooth, are exemplar approaches to the […]

JM#081 – Vari Loves

Kristin Ernstsen is a prominent fixture on Oslo’s music scene, both in front and behind the decks. Between working within the city’s music industry and her presence on the dance floor, she is also Vari Loves, one of Oslo’s most fervent DJs. As Vari Loves she sculpts soulful, genre-hopping sets that take large strides between […]

IRONI with Charlotte Bendiks and Matias Aguayo

Charlotte Bendiks (Cómeme, NO) | Matias Aguayo ( Cómeme, Kompakt CL/DE) Serious music for playful pleasure, a beat almost sustained beyond polyrhythms and an arctic soul playing for warmer temperatures. This is IRONI, a concept from Charlotte Bendiks. Where the Tundra meets with the equator and primordial pulses find new forms of sensual physicality IRONI […]

Badabing with Perel (LIVE) + Villbass & Vaz

Perel (LIVE, DFA, DE) | Vinny Villbass (Badabing, Sunkissed) | Daniel Vaz (Badabing) Perel is back in Oslo and Badabing in 2018 with Vinny Villbass and Daniel Vaz for company. Swapping out the decks for the stage, Perel brings her new live show to Jæger. With last year’s Die Dimension on DFA imprinted firmly on […]

Frædag invites Aurora Halal (Live) and Dr Rubinstein

Aurora Halal (LIVE, Mutual Dreaming, Sustain & Release, US) | Dr. Rubinstein (DE) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C G-Ha & Olanskii travel to the furthest reaches of the electronic music cosmos, to bring two of its most brilliant stars to Jægers basement. Aurora Halal and Dr. Rubinstein represent modern electronic music’s most progressive corners […]