Nightflight x Skranglejazz

Nu Guinea (DJ Set) | Skrangle DJs | Mc Kaman | Jan Sverre From Gaasa to Jæger, Skranglejazz light the candle on both ends, bringing the Italian disco duo Nu Guinea to Jæger’s  backyard for a DJ set. The first event on the Skranglejazz calendar this season kicks off in grand style and continues on […]

Mix of the week – Anja Schneider

Life after Mobilee has only seen Anja Schneider go from strength to strength. A new label, an album and a relentless touring schedule has followed Anja Schneider into this new phase of her career in which she shows absolutely no signs of slowing. As an artist and a DJ she continues to pursue a singular […]

Getting to know DJ Hamburger

When I first met DJ Hamburger he was eating a slice pizza. A regular at Jæger, Olav Friisberg is a sound engineer a documentary filmmaker, a DJ and an essential part of the Mutual Intentions crew, where he’s been documenting the rise of the DJ collective and label from behind the camera and performing as […]

Hunee pulls out of Untzdag tonight

Hunee is unable to attend tonight’s untzdag event but the party will go on regardless. We regret to announce that HUNEE will not be able to join us tonight for Natt til 17 mai // Untzdag med HUNEE (Rush Hour) due to extenuating personal circumstances. The rest of Untzdag will still go on as planned and we’ve reduced the […]

JM#093 – Ivaylo

Ivaylo stepped up to Jæger mix this week after Kristoffer Tellstroem had to reschedule due to illness. Working on a variety of projects over a few seminal labels this year, Ivaylo has embarked on a new phase of his career. Retaining that deep atmosphere he’s become known for over the years, a sneak peak at […]

Clubland in Tbilisi comes under threat and it’s about more than your right to party

Club culture in Europe has been severely rocked by yet another incident in which a government has exacted its force on the electronic music- and club community. This weekend in Georgia, Tbilisi Bassiani / Horoom and Café Gallery, two prominent institutions in the club community in Georgia were raided by armed police as a response […]

Album of the week: Galcher Lustwerk – Dark Bliss

Galcher Lustwerk makes House music with a very distinctive twist. Residing in the deep recesses of House music, much of Galcher Lustwerk’s music would be indistinguishable from the rest of the genre if it wasn’t for the addition of his voice. Galcher Lustwerk’s nonchalant, stony vocal is the personal artistic stamp that sets his records […]

Listen to Charlotte De Witte’s Resident Advisor mix

Charlotte De Witte delivers a club mix to the resident advisor podcast series. The Belgium artist and DJ whose success has propelled her onto every major booth and stage this past season, has managed to find a gap in her extensive touring schedule to put a mix together for the people at Resident Advisor as […]

Tune in to Ivaylo on P3 tonight

Ivaylo, resident Jæger Mix DJ and Bogota records boss will be on Ruben’s P3 show tonight.  Recording a guest mix for the popular P3 radio show, Ivaylo turns in a mini mix for Ruben, going live at 20:15 tonight.  “It is 30 min mix with all my own productions”, says Ivaylo “where only the first […]

Mix of the Week: Perel

A varied, energetic body music mix from Perel finds its way to us today via Deep House Amsterdam. Incorporating elements of synthy nu disco, EBM and house in this mix, Perel offers a captivating mix for the Dutch blog. 2/4 kick-snare arrangements underpin the mix with tracks that offer arrangements rather than functional loops, which […]

Mutual Intentions x Nightflight pres.: Byron the Aquarius & Fredfades

Byron the Aquarius (Sound Signature, Eglo, US) | Fredfades ( Mutual Intentions, Touchdown) Over en kort chat på Messenger for noen uker siden fant Fredfades & Byron The Aquarius fort ut at de var begge fan av hverandres musikk, og at de delte sin store kjærlighet for hiphop, house, jazz og soul musikk. Fred tok […]

Profile: Anja Schneider

In 2017 Anja Schneider made the bold decision to part ways with her label, Mobilee. Citing differences in the vision for the label, between her and the label manager Ralf Kollmann, Anja Schneider separated from the label of her creation as if compelled by a mere natural impulse. “It’s a bit like a marriage or […]