JM#046 – Emma Tiger

Emma Tiger took on the Jæger mix tooth and claw to express her most resolute desires of the dance floor. Favouring a reserved tempo and a murky sound-palette, the DJ favours a more reserved approach from her usual sets, embracing an early Sunday evening audience and a more laid-back ritual. Airy pads swathe four-four kicks into […]

Nightflight x Affirmative Action invites Barnt

Barnt | Karima F | MC KAMAN | Jan Sverre   Affirmative action, an idea of equality that brought the forties out of the dark ages and became one of JFK’s lasting legacies has finally crawled its way into that last bastion of inequality, the DJ booth, where it will make its mark yet on […]

Dark clubs with suggestive bodies: A Q&A with House of Traps

Lindsay Todd, who assumes the name House of Traps in the booth and for his NTS radio show “Into the Outer”, is also the man behind a collection of the most iconic best to exist in recent times. Firecracker recordings and its subsidiaries Unthank and Shevchenko, is a label that has established itself with a […]

Frædag invites Inogo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy (Asymmetric)| G-Ha & Olanskii – Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | Jokke (Void) | O/E (Void) | R.L.O.C   Perpetuating the darker corners of the dance floor this week, G-Ha & Olanskii invite Inigo Kennedy and the VOID boys, Jokke and O/E to our basement while Frædag reside in our courtyard. As the days get longer and […]

Album of the week: Talaboman – The Night Land

Axel Boman and John Talabot combine efforts as Talaboman for The Night Land, an album that brings a new dimension to House as the effervescent rhythms of Barcelona meets Nordic soundscapes. At times Balearic, at times atmospheric, always House and often unconventional, The Night Land is an eccentric album designed for the obscure corners of the dance floor. […]

Welcome to the world of Space Dimension Controller

Travelling through the musical cosmos on the sound of off-kilter electronic beat music, Space Dimension Controller has found a niche on the dance floor through a retrospective sound of a intangible future. Traversing galaxies between Techno, House and Electro, SDC plays on Science Fiction themes through album narratives like The Pathway To Tiraquon 6 and […]

Musikkfest Oslo 2017 på Jæger

Live Stage WNDR | Finnebassen | BAYA | Charlotte Bendiks | Mutual Intentions | Pieces of Juno | Sex Judas DJs G-Ha & Olanskii | Nils Noa | Vibeke Bruff Johanne Barman | Helene Rickhard | MC KAMAN For one day in June every year, Oslo’ plumes her musical feathers, showcasing some of it’s most brilliant […]

Frædag x Live at Robert Johnson with Roman Flügel & Ata

Roman Flügel | Ata G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C Live at Robert Johnson descends on Jæger once again with Roman Flügel and Ata, who accompany our Frædag regulars G-Ha & Olanskii and R.L.O.C over two floors. Celebrating the release of the third part in their Lifesaver compilation series, Live at Robert Johnson bring the spirit […]

Hubbas Klubb med Session Victim

Session Victim | Hubbabubbaklubb DJs Tyske tomanns houseband SESSION VICTIM, bestående av Hauke Freer og Matthias Reiling, fortsetter å glede og forlede. Tredje album “Listen to your heart” kommer ut i juni. Kom for å få en smuglytt fra skiva, og ikke minst for å høre gamle slagers live! Også verdt å nevne at Hauke driver […]

Vinny Villbass – Skauern

There’s a natural charm that comes with any Vinny Villbass track, an indefinable affinity to capture a mood and an atmosphere with a mere few strokes at the keys or a percussive loop. There’s a sense of shamanic ritual to the Norwegian producer and DJ’s approach, a dancing ritual between body and mind, man and machine that […]

JM#045 – Alexander deQwest

Melodic refrains and languid synth movements counterpoint effervescent House beats and atmospheric pads in Alexander deQwest’s edition of the Æmix. Including everything from sultry vocal hooks to spiralling guitars the musical tapestry  deQwest weaves through his selections are dense, diverse and engaging, negating functionality for the beauty of the form. deQwest brings a wealth of his experience to […]

Vinny Vilbass asks Karina one question

Karina, best known for her credentials as on of Ibiza’s Zoo project residents is an intriguing figure on the House and Techno underground scene. With roots in Poland, Norway, Berlin, Ibiza and Egypt, she’s a polyglot whose skills behind the decks have traversed many languages bringing nomadic gaps between cultures and music as a travelling DJ. […]