Welcome to the world of Space Dimension Controller

Travelling through the musical cosmos on the sound of off-kilter electronic beat music, Space Dimension Controller has found a niche on the dance floor through a retrospective sound of a intangible future. Traversing galaxies between Techno, House and Electro, SDC plays on Science Fiction themes through album narratives like The Pathway To Tiraquon 6 and […]

Vinny Villbass – Skauern

There’s a natural charm that comes with any Vinny Villbass track, an indefinable affinity to capture a mood and an atmosphere with a mere few strokes at the keys or a percussive loop. There’s a sense of shamanic ritual to the Norwegian producer and DJ’s approach, a dancing ritual between body and mind, man and machine that […]

JM#045 – Alexander deQwest

Melodic refrains and languid synth movements counterpoint effervescent House beats and atmospheric pads in Alexander deQwest’s edition of the Æmix. Including everything from sultry vocal hooks to spiralling guitars the musical tapestry  deQwest weaves through his selections are dense, diverse and engaging, negating functionality for the beauty of the form. deQwest brings a wealth of his experience to […]

Vinny Vilbass asks Karina one question

Karina, best known for her credentials as on of Ibiza’s Zoo project residents is an intriguing figure on the House and Techno underground scene. With roots in Poland, Norway, Berlin, Ibiza and Egypt, she’s a polyglot whose skills behind the decks have traversed many languages bringing nomadic gaps between cultures and music as a travelling DJ. […]

Album of the week: Forest Swords – Compassion

As Forest Swords, UK producer, Matthew Barnes creates vast synthetic dystopian landscapes, carrying the weight of the world in slow sinuous movements trudging through the world with a lethargic determination and a flair for Gothic drama. “Compassion” is the artist’s third studio album, with the critically acclaimed “Dagger Paths” and “Engravings” marking a solitary career on the fringes of a […]

A space for art by accident with Mental Overdrive

Per Martinsen’s 7th studio album as Mental Overdrive sees the artist yet again in some beginning/end part of a cycle, a cycle that with each revolution finds a new trajectory as if Richard Feynman were trying to circumnavigate the globe. It “hints back at early releases” explains Per over the receiver in a thick Norwegian […]

JM#044 – Luftwaffel

Christoffer “Luftwaffel” McWalland is getting ready for summer, just look at that hat… The Skranglejazz mainstay and DJ has been a regular fixture at Jæger since its inception, often sharing the booth with with Petter Celius and Oskar Pask. Like his fellow Skranglers, he brings that quirky Skranglejazz charm and charisma to the booth through […]

Album of the week: Of Norway – The Loneliest Man in Space

Hiding in plain sight amongst the piles of records littered over the shelves of Roland’s Filter records, a stack of the same record makes a prominent pillar against one wall. Roland hands me a copy, “for Jæger”, he says, its glossy plastic sleeve demurely proclaiming its title as “The Loneliest Man in Space” by the Norwegian production […]

JM043 – Thomas Skjærstad

Fresh from being anointed Norway’s representative for the Burn Residency 2017, Thomas Skjærstad took on the Jæger mix. A joyful Skjærstad greeted us through a mix all a twitter with samples of birds and deep rolling bass lines, chugging off the mark with a determined resolve. He had obvious reason to be in good spirits and brought a bright […]

Album of the week: Benjamin Finger’s Ghost Figures

Benjamin Finger is nothing short of a musical polymath and his eleventh studio album, Ghost Figures show’s he’s just as adept in an acoustic language as he’s proven himself to be in an electronic one. Ghost Figures sees the producer and multi-instrumentalist turn almost exclusively to the piano and its melancholic resonances for a minimalist album […]

Welcome our new resident – DELLA

It gives us great pleasure to present to you Jæger’s new resident, DELLA. Kristina Dunn, formerly of No Dial Tone, assumed the DJ moniker DELLA for a solo career two years ago, extending back to her roots in the USA where she went from the floor of early US rave culture to the booth in […]

It never feels like compromising with Medlar

Informed by a UK sound palette in the digital age of accessibility, Medlar’s DJ sets are an eclectic blend of an extensive dance floor catalogue, through a selector which is as much speculative archivist as he is entertainer. The DJ born Ned Pegler, approaches music in a continuous explorative method, with everything from youtube to […]