JM#021 – Magnus International

Magnus International is always a joy to have in our booth. His amicable personality, charming demeanour, and sense of humour infects all those around him and it’s something that he wholly wholly communicates through his selections. Although no stranger to Jæger’s booth,  he obliged to put down this week’s Æ mix with a bag full of […]

Album of the Week: Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

That sound of breaking glass you hear at the start of Nicolas Jaar’s Sirens is the Chilean / American producer breaking conventions yet again. Following his dance-floor appropriate Nymphs series of releases, Sirens sees the producer, DJ and artist contextualising his music for the album format for the second-only time. Not including Pomegranates, a re-scoring of the Soviet […]

A William Djoko Groove

William Djoko is a very complex artistic entity. Raised by a Cameroonian father and an Ukrainian mother his musical identity spreads far and wide. Growing up he could be exposed to anything from “Bob Marley & the Wailers to Paul Simon, from America (horse with no name) to disco…. and of course MJ”,  and it’s […]

JM#020 – Phillip Hinz

Det Gode Selskab’s Phillip Hinz  took on the early shift on Sunday to lay down the latest episode of the Æ mix. Upholding Det Gode Selskab philosophy of less is more, Phillip ventures into he starkest corners of House for this mix, playing in lower tempos and legato synth manoeuvres for his hour at the […]

In the Booth with Soul Clap

Earlier this month Elyte and Cnyce’s interstellar Soul Clap ship descended on Jæger with the full force of Sun Ra’s most cosmic determination. Holled up in our basement the entire night, they brought the might of a Bootsy Collins platform down on Oslo, with their Funk-determined vision of an electronic future narrated by Mad Max. […]

Album of the Week: Telephones – Vibe Telemetry

Telephones infects a palpable sense of fun in the music through a Disco aesthetic he masterfully manipulates like a comic strip narrative for the purpose of pleasure. There’s the obvious dance floor perspective in his music, but it’s something the music arrives at without a clear agenda, a mere by-product of its approachable nature. His music is something that […]

Oslo or Bust with Gerd Janson

The short transfer from Oslo Lufthavn to the city is the closest we ever get to the DJs and artists that pass through Jæeger’s booth every weekend. It’s the most time we ever get to spend with the artist, where they are no occupied at the job at hand and we’re not shouting over the […]

JM#019 – Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract is part of the nukleus from with the Oslo DJ community has spawned into the thing it is today. Among g-Ha & Olanskii, Strangefruit, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje, Olle Abstract counts as the epicentre of it all, the big bang moment from which it burst out into the music cosmos. We’ve tried in the […]

Album of the Week: Leon Vynehall – Rojus (Designed to Dance)

Leon Vynehall’s  larger-than life House music makes a return to the longer player format in “Rojus (Designed to Dance)”. Like Music for the Uninvited, this latest record avoid’s aligning itself with the album format completely for the less-indulgent planes of the mini-album, but like MFTU there’s a connection between the tracks that are cut from the same cloth in […]

#savefabric weekender raises £9600

Thank you to all those people that came out two weeks ago for the #savefabric weekender. With your support we raised £9600 for Fabric as they take on one of the biggest legal challenges they’ve ever faced. With an appeal date set for the 28th of November and an ensuing a legal battle that will see them take on […]

Back 2 Back – Vinny Villbass & Perel

Vinny Villbass and Perel have an instinctive musical bond whenever they step into the booth together. Whether they’re playing Farbfernseher in Berlin or Jæger in Oslo, there’s a complimentary connection that runs through their selections and can go from House and Disco… to Metallica? Yes, Metallica. The quirky DJ pair are devoid of any pretence […]

JM#018 – Thorgerdur

Thorgerdur has been making waves in Oslo’s DJ community for a while now, and you might remember that you heard her here first. The classically trained pianist turned DJ featured in one of the very first recorded Te Dans mixes from last year alongside A:G and we knew then she’d return, a natural talent like hers could […]