The live performance in the age of the club

There’s something Stefan Goldmann said in our recent interview  that lingers with me. “Now we’re kind of back in 1840”, he remarked about a trend consuming electronic music, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1990’s, and never to this degree as electronic music is more embedded in the popular zeitgeist than ever […]

Album of the week: Claro Intelecto – Exhilarator

Claro Intelecto’s music swells and breathes with a dense t ecclesiastic choir of synthesisers and drum machines, pulsing at various speeds through the history of electronic music. A moonlighting project for Manchester’s Techno veteran Mark Stewart, Claro Intelecto skirts around the genre’s more marginal exploits, combining elements of dub, electro and IDM into mesmerising creations […]

In the booth with Leo Woelfel

Romjulsfestivalen might seem like a whole other lifetime ago, but it was in fact only a week and a bit since we were getting down to the sounds of Leo Woelfel in our basement. The German native and head of the rtct.records label out of Innsbruck, accompanied the disco-skrangle sounds of Svømmebasseng with a Deep […]

In the Booth with Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann at 10 years of Macro

Recorded live for its entirety in our basement last Saturday, Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann’s mix for the 10 years of Macro is now available to stream here on our blog. For those that weren’t willing, or indeed able to navigate the christmas hordes of Oslo last Saturday as the city reached peek christmas party […]

Season’s Greetings

Those aren’t jingle bells ringing in my ears; no it’s just another year leaving its irreversible mark on my addled auditory canals, audibly cursing me with a noise that shows no signs of dissipating. In fact in 2017 it’s louder than ever  as one of the most evolutionary years for electronic music draws to a […]

JM#075 – Solaris

Solaris aptly brings our Jæger Mix series to its conclusion in 2017. One of the central figures at Det Gode Selskab, Solaris has been taking the baton from Ivaylo’s Jæger mix series throughout the year, driving Jæger’s Sunday night audiences deep into the night with a unyielding brand of Techno and House every Sunday. Solaris’ […]

Album of the Week: Patrick Cowley – Afternooners

Patrick Cowley is probably best known as the magician behind the synthesisers on timeless classics like “You Make me Feel” (Sylvester) and “Right on Target” (Paul Parker) and the man that took Giorgio Moroder’s Hi-NRG and shaped it to the designs of the queer dance floors in San Francisco in the late 1970’s and early […]

Ten years of Macro with Stefan Goldmann

In the ten years of the Macro, the label has pulled at the seams of contemporary electronic music, unravelling preconceptions across genres to become a label of great distinction and perpetual intrigue. Founded by Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen in 2007, the label sprang into existence at the height of  computer music’s dominance and turned […]

JM#074 – Strangefruit

Strangefruit’s legacy runs perpendicular with electronic music in Norway. One of the first bonafide DJs on the scene Strangefruit was instrumental in bringing the sound of New York  to the Oslo fjord as a teen. “The electronic music from New York  felt like a spaceship” at the time he told us in an interview back […]

Flex your muscle – nine years of Bicep

In 2017 Bicep’s debut LP is released the history books will read – that phrase still sits somewhat awkwardly on the tongue, considering the Irish duo and their idiosyncratic musical tendencies are already firmly ingrained in House music’s lexicon today. Bicep are a sound all onto their own, and where other similar acts have ventured […]

Album of the Week: Skatebård – Skateboarding was a crime: In 1989

Skatebård’s debut album Skateboarding was a crime: In 1989 has become a coveted gem for the Discogs community in recent years. Fetching anywhere between €50 to €200 its collector’s appeal has installed the fairly inconspicuous album into the realm of left-field treasure, and with good reason. Originally a limited release on the small Tellé records sub-label […]

Bicep on the Essential Mix

Bicep returned to the BBC Essential Mix over the weekend, taking a break from their rigorous touring schedule and live show to put a couple of hours in at the decks. Featuring tracks from Fantastic Man, Lake People, Chris Simmonds, Norwell and Wink, Bicep keep it upbeat on this mix for the iconic Pete Tong show, and drift through […]