In the Booth with Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract, the don of Oslo’s House music scene and the man behind the New Norwegian Sounds podcast series has been the thermostat by which we often gauge the temperature of House music in the Norwegian capital. A larger than life presence, he can be found everywhere from Filter Musikk, sampling the latest releases from House music’s extended echelon, to the […]

Album of the Week: Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet

Travelling through the disparate corners of various musical dimensions comes Tornado Wallace’s debut LP, “Lonely Planet”. Flying under the Balearic banner, Australian producer and DJ, Tornado Wallace is the latest edition to Running Back catalogue, that sees the label swimming in colour and evocative soundscapes yet again. Tornado Wallace combines textures redolent of 50’s sci-fi films with those atmospheres […]

Off the Score with Hilde Marie Holsen

Hilde Marie Holsen, since her debut album “Ask” hit the shelves with critical acclaim, has carved out something very particular and niche in music. Processing her trumpet in the electronic realm, she blends the mournful tone of the brass instrument with the explorative field of electronic music to make music that lists somewhere between Jazz, […]

JM#034 – diskJokke

It’s with some comfort and sense of order to the world that we have diskJokke back in our booth and as our next guest in the Æmix series. The Smalltown Supersound affiliate producer and DJ had been on something of an hiatus, with only a regular residency at the Villa, since the release of his “Now […]

In another room: A Q&A with Stian Balducci

Stian Balducci approaches music with a keen intellect. Whether he is orchestrating his scholarly pursuits at Kristiansand conservatory, working with the Punkt collective, or in the skin of his Techno moniker, +plattform, there is an inquisitive consciousness to the way he produces, plays and listens to music. His instincts and ideas about music are born […]

Amp Fiddler comes to Jæger in March

Amp Fiddler goes on tour this year with a special solo live performance and is set to stop off at Jæger on the 17th of March. The multi-instrumentalist whose worked with everybody from Funkadelic to Prince and Moodymann, will make his first appearance in Oslo on March the 17th and has chosen Jæger’s basement for […]

Listen: Bill Brewster’s latest DJ History Podcast

Excited by the prospect of Bill Brewster visiting us next weekend, we’ve tuned into his latest podcast only to find, Hubbabubbaklubb’s newest single gets much love form the DJ historian. This will keep us in good company for the week leading up to Hubbas Klubb with Bill Brewster next weekend. 

In the Booth with Joe Goddard and George T

A couple of Saturdays back, Greco Roman Soundsystem stopped by with Joe Goddard and George T and we really liked their mix. So with their approval and the memories of that Saturday, we’ve made it available to all, today. Featuring sweet melodic by the likes of Michael Jackson and the formidable grooves of everything from Disco to […]

Album of the Week: EOD – EODS

The promise of 2017 being Electro’s year is one that we get incredibly excited about as releases by the likes of DMX Krew, DJ Stingray, and Plant 43 have given us a fair few reasons to get our hopes up. Perpetuated in the margins however, Electro has always been a constant, going through phases, where […]

Boiler Room Oslo: Jæger

Takk for sist Oslo. Boiler Room at Jæger has been one the most memorable experiences we’ve had in Oslo and one that will make a formidable highlight in our club’s biography. From Øyvind Morken’s opening set, which saw you all erupt in applause to Prins Thomas’ birthday set at the end, you were there through it all and […]

Prins Thomas: Catching lightning in a bottle

A mere 20-minute journey by train from Oslo’s central station and the city’s grey, urbanite landscape opens up to a suburban winter wonderland where a few feet of brilliant white snow cloaks the suburban setting of Asker. Reflecting the sun’s rays in a luminescent bright light, against a backdrop of fir trees and and young […]

In the Booth with Prins Thomas & Øyvind Morken

Listen back to Prins Thomas and Øyvind Morken scrapping it out in our basement booth. But first a message from the Full Pupp boys. “The recording of our set after Hieroglyphic Being played live on our Rett i Fletta night at Jaeger Oslo Saturday the 19.11.2016. Since the recording output on the ARS rotary is […]