Profile: Jesse Rose

During a summer vacation in Greece, Jesse Rose made the magnanimous decision to retire from one of the most successful and lucrative careers. After a pensive moment, cut-off from the outside world, the UK DJ decided to leave a career as a sought after international touring DJ with one last world tour, and for completely […]

JM#054 – Thomas Refvik

Thomas Refvik, a prominent feature in Det Gode Selskab repertoire of DJs came down to set the tone for a Sunday night that would end with the DJ back in the booth later on churning out a energetic mix to a large turnout on the dane floor. For his edition of the Æmix his set […]

Album of the Week: Welcome to Paradise II

Young Marco’s idea of paradise is not some image of a beach, palm trees or an exotic location, but rather a sound. It’s the sound of what he calls Italian Dream House between 89-93 and in his second instalment of “Welcome to Paradise”, he compiles some of the best examples of this style of music […]

Stream Karima F’s Upperberry Vibrations mix

Affirmative Action resident Karima F headed over to Upperberry to record a mix. Acting on a very percussive tip, she laid down some incredible tracks from the likes of Pearson Sound, Lord of Isles and PLO man, with a slight nod in the direction of home too and the inclusion of Biosphere’s Patashnik. A very dynamic […]

And now for something completely different: Clubbing in the UK

2008 London, and I’m standing outside the George & Dragon (a cultural fixture that sadly got lost in the gentrification that still ensues in London today), with a flat pint in my hand on an unusually warm summers evening. It’s my first weekend back in London, after a long absence and I’m determined to find […]

JM#53 – August

August breaks out of the gate of his Jæger mix with a dubby, stripped back groove. A track that just keeps walking on the spot, instills a tangible Sunday mood before bongo drums, sultry pads, and a pulse join the fray. 4/4 territory awaits and through a slow progression August takes the energy from a […]

A new world awaits us under ground

In the cold, sobering light of day on a Sunday morning our thoughts yet again drift to Blå and its uncertain future. Today Brenneriveien is abustle with wares and folks as the weekly market goes about its business and it’s hard to believe that a mere few hours earlier a violent incident wrestled the fate […]

Chaos is a force with Rune Lindbæk

Throughout my life, the decisions I make are based on what is enjoyable and I only follow the path towards what’s fun. That’s how I ended up here, today, talking to you… We meet Rune Linbæk on an unusually warm summer’s day in Lillestrøm. The unassuming Oslo suburb is raptured in a new vigour of […]

JM#052 – Rulefinn

Syncopated hats, snapping bass-lines, larger than life string arrangements and an energy you can almost touch; it must be the sound of Disco, and selected by one of Oslo’s staunches admirers of the genre, Rulefinn. The Oslo DJ takes us back to the early seventies, to a time before Abba and the Bee Gees, when […]

In the booth with Johanna Knutsson

“Let me take you on a journey”, suggests the vocal just half way through Johanna Knutsson mix recorded live in our courtyard two weekends ago. It feels like we’ve reached the possible outer limits of space through Johanna’s mix already, but it appears she’s not done with us yet. We travel deep through the cosmos […]

What we like – An Interview with Dimensions Soundsystem

Nestled on a small peninsula in the Adriatic sea, Dimensions Festival is a retreat for the sincere electronic/club/urban music fan, a true escape from the pressures of everyday living for any discerning music head. Sun, sea, location and culture combine for one of the most exciting features on the festival calendar…  it reads like something […]

Natt & Dag and Jaeger presents Øya Natt at Jæger 2017

For one week in the year, Jæger pulls out all the stops, with things like budget and practical realities set aside to help celebrate one of the most exciting weeks in Oslo, and in fact Norway’s, musical calendar. As the world’s most profound musicians conspire on a hill in Tøyen during the day for Øya […]