Listen to Floating 2 by Tellstroem

Tellstroem will be substituting Øyvind Morken tonight for the weekly Untzdag residency and has sent us this mix as a little foreshadow of what we can expect later tonight. Afro-beats, exotic sounds from the east and synthetic sci-fi textures come together in true Untzdag style and has set the mood in our office the pretense for the evening ahead…

Album of the week: Various Artists – My Love is Underground 16

What is it: A selection deep-house dance floor cuts from Jeremy Underground’s label. Where have I heard it: Rumbling out of the bottom end of our Funktion system. For this album of the week we travel to deepest subterranean depths of our basement floor where the lowest rumbles of those new 21″ subs are at […]

In the Booth with Moomin (14/10/2016)

Sebastian Getz descended on Oslo, fairly inconspicuously, the German producer and DJ’s humble demeanour and approachable personality an extension of the music he creates under the Moomin moniker. Eager to talk about German Hip-Hop and MPCs, we found that amiable character, the same we found in this interview from last week, but which is best expressed through music. He […]

To go where no man has gone before with Dekmantel Soundsystem

If Dekmantel were a universe the Dekmantel Soundsystem would be the vessel that transported us through it all. It’s a DJ-collective that brings the Dekmantel sound to the wider known world, a sound that breaches genres and styles with the sole focus of bringing people together through adventurous electronic music. As Dekmantel Soundsystem the music […]

Getting Honest with Moomin

In a world where function often dominates form, Moomin finds an expressive language that creates a new poignant dimension to this music without losing sight of its inherent purpose. It’s not predisposed to any particular dance floor decorum and yet it applies itself to that context effortlessly. The function that exists around the music is […]

JM#017 – Olefonken

Over the past few weeks we’ve become content again in the fact that a familiar face is appearing in Jæger’s booth. Olefonken is back ladies and gentlemen and after a short stint in London, during which time he released the amazing Quaaludes EP, he is back at Jæger assuming his residency amongst Celius, Oskar Pask and Ricky Late. […]

Album of the Week: Portable – Alan Abrahams

What does it sound like: Alien electronics interjecting soulful vocals. Why is it our album of the week: Its inescapable charm. Dance floor or Sofa: Although suitable in both contexts, Alan Abrahams is definitely a more personal experience. The designation, Alan Abrahams suggests this latest album is a very personal effort for the man behind the Portable moniker. Using his […]

JM#016 – Ole Rønning

Ole Rønning’s features the first Reggae introduction to the Jæger Mix calling on a dub selection of sounds and colourful textural sonic palettes as he commences with his mix. He swifts effortlessly though elements of dub, Reggae, Techno, House and even Two Tone for the rest of the hour with sounds that call on the less-obvious proto-styles of all […]

#Savefabric – The DJ’s Perspective

Fabric has been an institutional light at the end of a tunnel for a generation of revellers that have always looked for the unparalleled experience of electronic music and the culture that has grown up around it. It’s given a platform to any experimental, innovative faction of electronic music where nothing is taboo and everything from […]

Album of the Week: Eli Escobar – Happiness

Why is it our album of the week: It comes on the recommendation of Olanskii. What does it sound like it: Quite literally, Happiness. What’s that supposed to mean: House with tinges of Gospel, Soul and packed with melodies. Off the back of some album’s that erred on the darker side of dance music Ola “Olanskii” Smith Simonsen […]

Puss & Kram takeover Jæger’s Instagram

Leading up to our #savefabric weekender, we’ve relinquished control of our Instagram account to Puss & Kram for this week only. The pop DJ-duo of Emma Louise Stridh and Julie Aida Graf breaks down borders with their sets that can go from Rihanna to Green Velvet, bending the “rules” of the dance floor to their every whim […]

Listen back to Greg Brockmann for Half Baked

It’s a Half-Baked takeover today on our site, and the gifts, they just don’t stop coming. Earlier we spoke to Le Loup, and now we’ve been given the green light to share the first half of Greg Brockmann’s set with you. It departs a little of that Saturday night magic we witnessed over the weekend, replete with […]