Ten Questions for Kate Miller

Over the course of the last few years the name Kate Miller has been passed around the DJ booth watercooler in hushed tones like a coveted secret. A firm favourite amongst DJs and tastemakers alike, Miller’s sets are far-reaching and noted for their diverse brilliance. Whether she’s playing in the broken beat residue of early […]

Øyvind Morken delivers two mixes for L.I.E.S Tapes

Untzdag resident has delivered two mixes to Ron Morelli’s Mixtape series on L.I.E.S. “Two 30 minute sides of impeccably mixed road trippin music” is what L.I.E.S calls it, and what might that mean? “Think Baldelli, think the Italian countryside think of a ton of tracks you don’t know and you have your starting point.” Ron […]

JM#073 – Ronny Rabalder

Ronny Rabalder’s position in Oslo is firmly embedded in the firmament of the city’s nightlife today. There’s rarely a Techno event that passes through the city in which the DJ is not involved in, and as card-carrying member of the Sunkissed crew Ronny Rabalder is a permanent fixture in the expanse of electronic music today. […]

Premiere: Carisma – Con Sombras (Charlotte Bendiks Remix)

Streaming on our blog today is the premiere of a “raw and direct” remix of Carisma’s Con Sombras from Charlotte Bendiks. The remix follows the Buenos Aires outfit’s debut album, “Gratis” on Dengue Dancing with Charlotte’s contribution appearing alongside Theus Mago (Mexico, Correspondant, Kill the DJ), Djs Pareja (Buenos Aires, Cómeme, Turbo), Ana Helder (Rosario, Cómeme, […]

Album of the Week: Prins Thomas – V

It’s been a chameleonic year for Prins Thomas. 2017 saw the DJ/producer spend most of his time over at Smalltown Supersound, kicking off the year in sober ambience with “Principe Del Norte” and its remixes; traversing rocky shores with  Bjørn Torske on “Square One”; and heading into the future with the white label release of […]

Jæger Residents’ 303 picks

Roland’s TB-303 is inextricably entangled in the history of electronic music today. Not since the Mini Moog has an electronic instrument played such a fundamental role in the discourse of music. Alongside the rest of Roland’s x0x series the TB-303 took music to the man on the street like never before in a flurry of […]

Update: Kate Miller takes over from Kelly Lee Owens for upcoming Affirmative Action

For personal reasons Kelly Lee Owens will have to postpone her appearance at Jæger to a later date and in her stead we’ve lined up Oscillate’s Kate Miller to join resident Karima F for this next edition of Affirmative Action. Kate Miller spends her time between Melbourne and Berlin, with each city exacting its  influence […]

JM#072 – Finnebassen

Spotting a hole in his demanding touring schedule, Finnebassen made a call on Ivaylo and the Jæger mix series to lay down his first contribution to the series. A honorary Jæger resident by now, Finnebassen’s sets in our basement show us a side to the DJ producer that audiences around the rest of the world […]

An Unlikely Legacy: A brief History of Roland’s TB-303

In Roland Company’s labs in the early part of the 1980’s Mr. Tadao Kikumoto was toiling away under the instruction of the synthesiser manufacturer to find the perfect accompaniment for their new TR-606 drum module —  an electronic drum machine intended as a guitarists practise tool. Needless to say with a drum machine already in […]

Album of the Week: Jawn Rice – Highlights

Jawn Rice’s debut studio album, Highlights takes the Mutual Intentions crew on a slight detour at the end of a year that has seen their catalogue expand exponentially with a host of memorable releases. Released on the Mutual Intentions label, Jawn Rice traverses the depths of House for his latest release Highlights. Combining elements of […]

In the Booth with G-Ha & Olanskii

Recorded live last week in our basement, we caught one of those rare moments when G-Ha & Olanskii go back to back for an entire session. Between them, G-Ha & Olanskii’s music world is incredibly vast and ever-expanding, encompassing everything from Disco to Micro-House, with the DJ duo’s intrinsic experience in the booth, driving the […]

JM#071 – Asbjørn E

An Oslo DJ mainstay and a card-carrying member of Oslo’s old guard, Asbjørn E has paid his dues across the city, and played every notable spot in Oslo, past and present, through the course of his extensive career. He remains close to the deep and minimal roots that carried him into the Oslo scene and […]