Nine of Nine with Waze and Odyssey

In a mere five years Waze & Odyssey have accomplished the kind of notoriety it takes many DJs and producers a lifetime to achieve. Chart-topping dance singles that manage to reach an audience outside the genre; remixes that receive more air time than the originals; and bookings that have seen them adorn some of the […]

Album of the week: Makam – Than Sadet

Dutch producer and DJ, Makam (Guy Blanken) has been a regular feature on the Dekmantel imprint since its inception, something that implies his tenure of the Amsterdam scene as much as it does his talent. He returns to the label with “Than Sadet”, his second album, showcasing “a new sound” for the Dutch stalwart according to the […]

Music to Dance to with Nelly’s Crush

Nelly’s Crush are a group that occupy that indefinitely modulating dimension between the stage and the dance floor. A collective, of sorts, they’ve only existed for a short period of time, but in that time they’ve managed to establish something unique and captivating as a live band and as a recording act. They’ve received a […]

Listen back to Mutual Intentions

This Saturday gone saw the mighty force of the Mutual Intentions crew descend down onto our basement in full force, with their eclectic penchant for the obscure corners of dance music providing the pivoting point to the trend-informed Nightflight in our courtyard. Fredfades, Ivan Ave, Moe Chakiri, Yogisoul, Stian Stu and Erik Treimann programmed a night of music with its […]

JM#024 – Dalminjo

Stepping up to the Jæger mix this Sunday gone, Ole Granli adopts his Dalminjo alias for an hour of House music that traverses the expanse of the vast, minimalists soulful plains of the genre. Soft vocal features glide through airy chimes and sparkling pads with splashy percussion accompanying a two-step and four/four kick-snare rhythms. Dalminjo’s career extends […]

Listen back to Olav Brekke Mathisen & Sideshow Jøgge (Live)

Echoes from the past are brought to life again as Olav Brekke Mathisen and Sideshow Jøgge call on “hits and sketches” from 1999 to the present in this live recorded mix from March at Hubba Bubba Klubb. The mix, recorded back when the year was still merely in bloom, comes from a much simpler time –  at the cusp of […]

Back 2 Back with Vinny Villbass and Justin Strauss

Vinny Villbass and his frequent jaunts to New York has cemented a lot of friendship, none so more apposite than the city’s Justin Strauss. By all accounts Justin Strauss is New York, a musician and producer whose career is perfectly ingrained in the city that raised him. Justin’s career extends back to the seventies, where […]

Album of the Week: Nosizwe – In Fragments

This week’s album of the week comes at the behest of MC Kaman, who applauded Nosizwe’s debut album for its Jazz-touches and it’s approachable sonic nature. “In Fragments” sees the Norwegian/South-African songstress cement something definitive in the long player format, with her voice the guiding light for a musical accompaniment that saunters around elements of Hip Hop, Jazz and […]

In the Booth with Sunara

The Oslo World Music festival at Jæger was diverse colourful diorama of music and characters dancing in and out of our basement and lounge, an obscure din that struggles to pull into a focus a few weeks on, except for a singular focal point at its core. It’s an image of the Sri Lankan DJ […]

JM#023 – Celius

That last bastion of a Friday night at Jæger; the solid shoulders on which every weekend begins; and one Oslo’s most enigmatic DJ figures, Petter Celius is our guest for this week’s Jæger mix. By his own account a warm-up DJ, Celius has that most difficult task of setting the wheels of a party in motion, each […]

Album of the Week: Íxtahuele – Call of the Islands

Íxtahuele are a Swedish “exotica” group that call on 1950’s jazz-library sound palette of the likes of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, transporting listeners to exotic locations from some forgotten past, through a very detailed research approach to this music. Their sophomore album, “Call of the Islands” builds on the tiki motif the group have established from their most unlikely […]

Listen Back to William Djoko

William Djoko’s enigmatic and esoteric personality lives on through this mix recorded in our basement for the Oslo World Music Festival. Occupying all those grey areas on the dance floor between House and Techno, Djoko’s set is broad and extensive moving through hollow tribal percussion, UK bass rhythms and esoteric vocals throughout the hour-long musical adventure. The Dutch producer’s African […]