JM#092 – Thomas URV

A club concept that’s been active for twenty years is an anomaly. A club concept, that turned into a label and celebrated twenty-plus years, by launching a festival, that’s unheard of, but that is exactly what Ploink is. Over the last twenty on, no sorry twenty two years it has been the bastion of the […]

Musikkfest Oslo 2018 på Jæger

Live: Finnebassen | Ost & Kjex | Mutual Intentions (3hr takeover) | Whalesharkattacks |  Marius Circus | Ja Azz DJ: G-Ha & Olanskii | Helena Rickhard | Stine Amundsen | MC Kaman | Spilt Melk | DJ Cesi For one day in June every year, Oslo plumes her musical feathers, showcasing some of the city’s […]

Filter Musikk residency at Jæger

Oslo electronic music specialist, Filter Musikk takeover Jæger’s basement this summer with an electronic music DJ line-up. DJ and proprietor of Filter Musikk, Roland Lifjell is collaborating with Jæger and Frædag between June and September with four confirmed events in our basement, featuring guest appearances from Boris, Etapp Kyle, Kobosil, Jokke and Reeko, appearing alongside […]

In the booth with Andrew Weatherall

Listen back to a live mix from Andrew Weatherall recorded in Jæger’s basement. Andrew Weatherall fans are loyal to the point of obsession. Right now on Facebook there is a page dedicated to inducting Weatherall into the hallowed spot of John Peel’s original Radio 1 slot, suggesting, in no subtle way that Weatherall is the […]

The future sounds of Manchester with Ruf Dug

The city of Manchester and its border towns have played a significant role in the history of popular music and its cultural impact over the last century. A culturally diverse district with a working man’s ideology embedded deep within its origins, Manchester has contributed its fair share of cultural stepping stones and cultural icons to […]

Album of the Week: Moby – Everything was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt

Moby has engaged in a flurry of creative pursuits over the last few years. While some of his classic records like Go and Porcelain have received the remix treatment from artists like Rex the Dog and Timo Maas, he’s finally put his life into words with the very funny and poignant Porcelain memoirs, showcasing a […]

Mix of the Week: G-Ha

Recorded live in our basement before Octo Octa a few weeks back, this mix from G-Ha shows yet another side to the highly adaptable Frædag resident. Opening the basement, G-Ha steps away from the stripped back micro-House set he might have played if it had been later in the evening, for a rich, warm House […]

Introducing Fredrik Bekkåsen

The first time Fredrik Bekkåssen put on a Techno event on in Oslo, the police were waiting for him. An hour after the undisclosed Bislett opened its doors the authorities rolled in,checking through every little particular of the event to ensure it was all legal and above board. It’s the type of official formality, bordering […]

Hear a new track from Frantzvaag

Frantzvaag is back with a new release on the Smallville imprint Fuck Reality with a premiere of  the leading track “I Skyene”. Taken from the much anticipated Fuck Reality 05, “I skyene” is the first original track from the Oslo artist since his acclaimed 2016 release on the same label and it’s premiering today on […]

JM#091 – Phillip Hinz

Phillip Hinz is either in the booth or he’s on the floor during a Sunday night at Jæger. Det Gode Selskab DJ is always engaging with the crowd on some level, which through his sets he can go anywhere from those early tentative hours on the floor to the to the peak time. One of […]

Jokke’s Shed Essentials

Few names resonate with electronic music quite like that of René Pawlowitz. The name doesn’t ring a bell? How about EQD, WK7, Head High, Evil Fred, Wax, Craft, or Zigg Gonzales? Still nothing; how about Shed? That’s gotten your attention. Germany’s renaissance man of modern Techno has ticked all the boxes across various of club […]

Album of the Week: LNS – LNS-1

The Vancouver DJ and artist LNS (Laura Sparrow) inaugurated her eponymous label LNS-1 recently after a string of releases over 2017 through the Sex Tags Mania conglomerate. Since 2016’s “Heliacal Rising” on Fett Burger’s Freakout Cult, the producer has constantly caught our attention with her unique and melodious take on dance floor genres.   Wether she’s […]