Øyvind Morken releases My Computer is acting Strange

Released today via UK label Mysticisms comes a 5 track EP from Untzdag resident and Moonlighting boss Øyvind Morken. Two years on since Øyvind Morken’s last release Distinct Dialect, comes a new 12″ from Øyvind Morken. “My Computer is Acting Strange” sees the title track embark on a very splintered melodic refrain with elements of […]

Ivaylo airs mix on Sleepless

Jæger mix resident and Bogota records boss, Ivaylo steps in to the Sleepless studio for a mix.  Between prepping some exciting new releases for various labels including his own, Bogota records, Ivaylo headed over to the Sleepless studios for a mix of nocturnal pleasures. Keeping it deep, but effervescent, Ivaylo laid down a set with […]

Mix of the Week – Traxx

Legendary Chicago/Detroit producer and DJ, Traxx ushered in black history month at Smartbar, Chicago in February and this is the result. A diverse set recorded live during the QUEEN event, played from every which corner of electronic music and beyond. From the leftfield proto-House, to synth-wave and even incorporating INXS’ suicide blonde, this mix spans […]

Deliver or Die with Konstantin Sibold

Konstantin Sibold should already to be playing, but I see him jostling for position in the thick of the crowd in Jæger’s courtyard. The crowd is tightly huddled together in the centre of the al fresco dance floor, keeping the brisk temperatures at bay as more and more people spill out of the bar. Konstantin […]

JM#090 – Omar V

Omar V has been a prominent fixture in the Oslo DJ community for the last three decades. A vinyl pusher that’s worked in nearly every record store in Oslo until 2004, his musical knowledge is vast and wide, yet there’s always a unique identity to his his selections. Pushing his wares outside of the record […]

Frædag invites Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte (NovaMute / Mary Go Wild Black, BEL) | G-Ha & Olanskii | Ronny Rabalder R.L.O.O.C   Ever their finger on the pulse of electronic music and club culture, G-Ha & Olanskiii extend an invitation to one of the scene’s fastest rising talents. Charlotte de Witte join the Frædag residents across our two […]

A:G The Nose (DGS001) is out now

A:G’s The Nose and the debut release from the newly established Det Gode Selskab label hits record shelves this week. Pressed on 18og vinyl,  the release marks a new and exciting chapter for Det Gode Selskab crew. Jæger’s Sunday residents have long been the purveyors of a good time in the city, and they’ve taken […]

Album of the week: Soft as Snow – Deep Wave

There’s a raw urgency to Soft as Snow’s debut album, which when you hear in the context of their previous two EPs, might sound like an evolution in their work. It’s only when you hear Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen perform these songs in a live setting that you realise that urgency has been […]

DELLA and Homero Espinosa release Burning Hot

Coming out via Traxsource this weekend is a new collaboration with DELLA and Homero Espinosa on Moulton Music called Burning Hot. The Jæger resident (real name Kristina Dunn)  teamed up with the Bay area producer/DJ previously known as DJ Huey for a single released through the San Francisco studio facility and label Moulton music on […]

Mix of the Week: Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall delivered a dynamic, effervescent set for the Ransom Note mix series over the weekend. One part of the Canadian, progressive Techno group, Graze and the head at New Kanada records, Adam Marshall has been making music since the late 90’s, and from his more minimal solo releases to his work as Graze, there’s […]

Karima F launches Schloss records

Affirmative Action resident Karima F and Oslo visual artist Ida Ekblad has launched a new label with a 12″ from UK producer Max Fowler. Coming out of the Oslo artist space of the same name, Schloss looks to combine the visual aesthetic of Ida Ekblad with the musical ear of Karima. Fowler delivers two deep […]