Oslo World Music Festival: Untzdag invites Orpheu the Wizard

Orpheu the Wizard | Øyvind Morken Once a year the musical world ascends on to Oslo from all four corners of the globe to celebrate the regions often overlooked by the western hemisphere. The Oslo World Music Festival sets the stage for new and established artists, bringing together many famous names for a 5-day musical […]

Album of the week: Maceo Plex – Solar

In Maceo Plex, Eric Estornel has been moving  something of his headier Techno alias Maetrik into a more accessible realm. Born on the dance floor but not entirely dependent on it, Maceo Plex is project that can go from introspective sorrowful electronica to big-room pleasures, while retaining some of that depth that he requires to remain […]

On my own Time – An Interview with Whodat

Cologne: the leading automotive centre in Europe; birth place of Nico, Can and Wolfgang Voigt; and home to clubs like Gewölbe and Heinz Gaul and the Kompakt label. Detroit: USA’s leading automotive centre; birthplace of Motown and Techno; and home to Moodymann, Theo Parrish, Jeff Mills, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Two cities, stretched halfway […]

JM#062 – Mudman

Mudman is a DJ, remixer and producer who can often be found playing alongside the brokesteady crew any given Monday for Mandagsklubben. His remixes and productions have found love on labels from Beatservice in the far north to Small records on Berlin both as Mudman and as the more heavy-handed Apodyopsis alias. Blending samples with […]

What’s in a name – A Q&A with Central

A distant memory circles back now. It’s a whisper from the not-so-distant past rather than a memory; a break-beat arrangement with imposing sub-bass swells surging through Jæger’s basement and three young individuals that through the course of a day and night have left an impressionable mark on Oslo. The boys from Regelbau, No Hands and […]

Album of the Week: Red Axes – The Beach Goths

Like tumultuous waves pounding an invisible shore obscured by the dead of night, Red Axes come crashing in on “The Beach Goths” with great temerity as keys crunch under foot and irreverent percussive parts clash in harmonious counterpoint. Jangly rhythms and dissonant atmospheres set the tone for this sophomore LP from this idiosyncratic two-piece band. […]

Energy, Space and More with Roi Perez

Rising to prominence through the queer scene in Tel Aviv, Roi Perez had found a nurturing environment to establish a career as a prodigious talent. A precocious youth that had found an early skill in the booth Roi Perez would cement his career when moved to Berlin. Catching the ear of Berghain / Panorama Bar […]

Karl Fraunhofer on Outrun to Santa Cruz

Coming via Sprechen records soon, “Synth Wizard” and Gode Selskab affiliate, Karl Fraunhofer  presents “Santa Cruz”. Channeling an eighties sound palette through his immense collection of drool-worthy synths the Dortmund man goes solo on this two EP outing, noodling his way through cocktail-hour synth lines and broad-shouldered pads. “Santa Cruz” precedes “Tone” which will both be […]

At Work with Nick Höppner

Nick Höppner’s career is one that has been entangled with the Ostgut Ton family since day one. A resident at the precursor to Berghain/ Panorama Bar, Ostgut and the man behind the creation of the Ostgut Ton label, Höppner has been a steadfast figure throughout the Berlin clubbing institution’s history. An integral part of its […]

LCD Soundsystem – american dream

There was no doubt that when LCD Soundssystem said “this is happening” in 2010 and  James Murphy called the whole project quits, it wouldn’t be the last we would hear from him and the post-wave-electro-punk band of his creation. Even as the “long goodbye” tour drew to its conclusion, and the supposed final recordings came […]

A mysterious e-mail appeared in my inbox. “Sassy 009 -pretty baby” in the subjectline.

[Poem] A mysterious e-mail appeared in my inbox. “Sassy 009 -pretty baby” in the subjectline. “Oh this looks interesting” Hopefully it’s an e-mail from a secret agent, a femme fetale in Ukraine. Not a stupid bookingagent. Maybe from someone close by. Aw shieeeeeeeeeet……… Just another mail from Mischa. Mischa the bearded bard. Oh it’s the […]

Not watching, Listening – An interview with G-Ha

Geir Aspenes was flicking through some records at Filter Musikk in Oslo when I bumped to him earlier in the summer. Somewhat dejected, he had felt slightly disenfranchised with the state of new electronic music that he’d been exposed to at that time through his usual digital channels and had turned back to the format […]