JM#061 – Kamelkollektivet

Cruising through the desert of inextricable feeling and ineffable dreams, the dromedary duo Kamelkollektivet, approach this week’s Jæger mix with a lucid tentativeness. They travel through a meditative oasis of sound, subtle and pertinent in their   objective to soundtrack the feeling of an imperturbable Sunday.  Never exceeding the cautious sway of a four-four beat […]

Album of the Week: DJ Hell – Zukunftmusik

Seeing DJ Hell play at Sommerøya a couple of weekends ago plagued by a botched rider; technical issues; and a premature closing time, only to overcome the obstacles and still entertain a loyal legion of fans, was a thing to behold and reminds me yet again of the DJs alluring appeal in the booth… and […]

Greetings from Jæger

There must be a glitch in the matrix… or did I just see two identical black cats? Wasn’t Leon Vynehall just here and didn’t Carl Craig’s rainy sets at Sukkerbiten and Jæger a thing we’ve witnessed only recently? I could have also sworn Ostgut Ton’s celebration of Zehn years occurred some mere months ago. And […]

TBT: Leon Vynehall residency with Medlar

3AM, and the first rays of a premature dawn illuminates the Oslo skyline just above the horizon. It’s the start of a new season where short nights and long days make the city come alive with the new life of fauna and a rested people as they emerge from a winter hibernation embracing the first […]

JM#060 – Kim Dürbeck

Kim Dürbeck sis a familiar name on the Oslo DJ circuit. Often cropping up at Villa, Dattera and of course Jæger, as Dürbeck, DJ Kimichi, one half of SUPERKIND, or as one third of the newly established Deep Dope Dark. An experienced musical entity on the Oslo scene, far greater than his years, Kim Dürbeck’s […]

On the Road with Olaf Boswijk

I first met Olaf Boswijk in 2013 during the annual ADE event in Amsterdam. I was there in a professional capacity covering the event and where I had found nothing but a cold impersonal business-like atmosphere, Olaf Boswijk and Trouw had opened me up to a completely different world in Amsterdam’s nightlife. They’d shown a […]

Album of the week: Les Amazones d’ Afrique – République Amazone

Can a piece of music actually bring about social change? Can the ephemeral placement of a group musical notes with relation to a set of abstract lyrics illicit a public response to dogmatic social practises that would effect change? For a group of west African musicians the answer is emphatically, yes. “Les Amazones d’ Afrique […]

DJ talk with DELLA and Tonchius

Jæger resident DELLA and newcomer Tonchius grace our booth for DELLA’s Drivhus this weekend and had an opportunity to share some questions and insights with each other before the gig. Talking about their beginnings, the role of a DJ and gender inequality in the booth, DELLA and Tonchius talk DJ to DJ, but first a […]

JM#059 – Frantzvaag

A week after appearing at Øyafestivalen, (Matz) Frantzvaag came back to our booth to record his edition of the Æmix. The Fuck Reality (Smallville Records) artist kept it deep, but boyant with tracks utilising chord progressions buried deep in Rhodes keys and pads tailing off into oblivion, depositing frequencies at the upper end of the spectrum […]

In the booth with G-Ha & Olanskii

As they are about to make their way to Malmö, Sweden for this year’s Backyard Festival, we found this mix from G-Ha & Olanskii to keep us company during their absence. It’s been some time since we’ve had a record of G-Ha & Olanskii in the booth together, but coming to us today is this […]

Album of the Week: Various Artists – Kern Vol.4 (compiled by DJ Stingray)

A few months ago Armin van Buuren announced a new residency in Ibiza with some artwork emboldened with the letters “UR”, but something didn’t quite sit right the online music community when they got wind of it. It was a replica (right down to the font) of the Detroit collective and label’s logo, Underground Resistance. […]

JM#058 – Tod Louie

“This is my House” exclaims the introduction to Tod Louie’s edition of the Jæger mix, before Det Gode Selskab mainstay  slams into a track bursting at the seems with energy. Tod Louie establishes his home turf as one of Jæger’s Sunday resident and takes us back to the roots of House music with gospel female […]