Album of the Week: Nils Frahm – All Melody

There’s always been a kind of fluidity between classical- and electronic music since the dawn of the transistor, and the gap between these musics has since only narrowed as composers like Delia Derbyshire, John Cage, Glen Gould and Terry Riley adopted the studio as an instrument. Artists like Max Richter and Jóhann Jóhannsson continued this […]

Hear a new track from Sex Judas

Tore “Jazztobakk” Gjedrem is back as Sex Judas on a new album currently primed for Optimo music. The Ost and Kjex producer and vocalist adopts his cartoon alter ego for the character’s debut LP. With this trusty sidekick Ricky, embodied by a host of collaborators including Bugge Wesseltoft and Strangefruit, Sex Judas finally arrives at […]

Mix of the Week – Nabihah Iqbal

Introducing Nabihah Iqbal’s mix for Groove magazine is the Cure? A club edit of Lullaby from loops for two minutes, before handing over the rest of the mix to Disco and early House. A dynamic mix with heady peaks and emotive troughs comes together from eclectic corners of dance music with a nostalgic charm underpinning […]

A crow in the garden: The story of Gundelach’s Baltus

On good friday 2018 there’s a lamb grilling in Jæger’s backyard in the annual Skranglejazz ritual. The air temperature is at dismal -2 degree celsius, but the smell is intoxicating and a crowd drifts out on the fragrant fog of the roasting meat where they huddle around the last vestige of heat, the grill. It’s […]

Album of the Week: Ekman – Primus Motor

Ekman (Roel Dijcks) is a curious anomaly in the modern era of Electro. He’s been prodigiously releasing records on some of the most progressive records of the genre and Techno since 2012, featuring two distinctly different characteristics to his music. With a foot on either side of the North sea his records on labels like […]

Mix of the week – Rude Lead

We’re still coasting on that Boogienetter vibe from last night with this mix from Rude Lead soundtracking a very good Friday indeed. Rude Lead digs deep past the obvious in this modern soul mix featuring a host of rare and obscure records from the soul genre. One-off original pressings segue effortlessly from one to the […]

A bit too much – An Interview with Rude Lead

What are you working on at the moment? “A bit too much”, says Christopher Langedahl through a mesh of beard, delivered with hearty chuckle. When we sit down to talk about music and DJing in a café in Grünnerløkka on the first sunny day of 2018, he’s preparing a mixtape, deep into an album and […]

JM#087 – Frantzvaag

After making his debut on the Smallville Fuck Reality imprint in 2016 Mats Frantzvaag hasn’t left the studio or the booth, preparing the follow up to the EP and playing all over Oslo. While Fuck Reality 05 was being prepped, he’s been making regular appearances in Oslo at Villa, Blå, Dattera til Hagen and of […]

Beneath two Moons with Hodge

Out of post-dubstep era in the UK, Jake Martin emerged as an artist and DJ during one of the more fertile periods of UK music. Venturing through the deeper aspects of House with an uniquely UK take on the genre, Martin started producing music with Matthew Lambert as Outboxx in Bristol at the turn of […]

Album of the Week: Frankie Knuckles – Ultimate Production

Frankie Knuckles is House music. He and friends like Larry Levan, came up through Disco as DJs, playing soul, R&B, Disco, and European synth records in New York. Using drum machines and edits to extend breaks on tracks, while digging further than the tawdry Disco tracks of popular culture in the late seventies, DJs like Levan, […]

Mix of the Week – Ivaylo

And for something completely different from resident Ivaylo. Our Jæger Mix resident and Bogota label boss moves away from the signature Deep House sound we’ve come to know from the producer and DJ for this latest edition to the  Skranglejazz mix series. Tracks with a view from the bottom, roll big heavy bass lines past […]

Global Underground 1996 -1999: The DJ mixes that defined the DJ as an artist

At the rate that DJ mixes are appearing online today, there’s enough music on Internet to play through a dozen life-times it seems. If a site like Resident Advisor can feature a mix a day, and radio stations like NTS have enough DJs on there to play two shows at any given time, that’s a […]