Boiler Room Oslo: Jæger

Takk for sist Oslo. Boiler Room at Jæger has been one the most memorable experiences we’ve had in Oslo and one that will make a formidable highlight in our club’s biography. From Øyvind Morken’s opening set, which saw you all erupt in applause to Prins Thomas’ birthday set at the end, you were there through it all and […]

Prins Thomas: Catching lightning in a bottle

A mere 20-minute journey by train from Oslo’s central station and the city’s grey, urbanite landscape opens up to a suburban winter wonderland where a few feet of brilliant white snow cloaks the suburban setting of Asker. Reflecting the sun’s rays in a luminescent bright light, against a backdrop of fir trees and and young […]

In the Booth with Prins Thomas & Øyvind Morken

Listen back to Prins Thomas and Øyvind Morken scrapping it out in our basement booth. But first a message from the Full Pupp boys. “The recording of our set after Hieroglyphic Being played live on our Rett i Fletta night at Jaeger Oslo Saturday the 19.11.2016. Since the recording output on the ARS rotary is […]

JM#033 – Hans Hug

Appearing out of the foggy textures of trumpet, electronics, and an evocative German female vocal enchantment, arrives Hans Hug’s contribution to the Æmix series with some provocative allure. It sucks you into a mix where soft harmonic atmospheres play amongst amongst lethargic percussive evocations, calling on elements of Jazz, Afro and abstract electronica.  Hans Hug is no […]

Omnipresent: The music of Tokyo

The moment your feet touch solid ground at Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan, a wave of calm and serenity envelopes you on the sonic plain. There’s a quiet, light hum from people scurrying to their final- or next destination, but filling the noticeable void where noise usually resides in western transport hubs, a synthetic glass harmonium […]

Album of the Week: BCUC – Our Truth

The sounds of Johannesburg, are rich with the vibrance of a city largely made up of a heterogeneous diaspora. The music of the city can go from the lonesome rhythm of a djembe drum to the familiar contrapuntal melodies of South African House, and then as you cross a street, the expressive yelps of ululating […]

In the Booth with Olanskii

Ola “Olanskii” Smith-Simonsen is Jæger’s robust rudder, unwavering in his pursuit of new music born from the traditions of black American electronic music, rooted in the traditions of Chicago, Detroit and New York. Loyal to the residents, Olanskii preserves Jæger’s position as a hub for electronic music in Oslo, first and foremost providing a platform […]

JM#032 – Joystick Jay

Jonas Wasa’s Joystick Jay moniker has on more than one occasion lit up our dance floors at Jæger. Whether he’s there in the capacity of a Hubba Bubba event, hanging out with his Skranglejazz compatriots or setting the tone for a RETRO night, a Joystick Jay set never makes for a dull moment and that’s […]

In the Booth with xxxy

A few Friday’s back xxxy came to our basement for Frædag, our weekly window to the world. Laying down tracks featuring elements of House, Garage, Acid and Disco, the UK producer gave us a formidable taste of his wide arching individualism in the production chair that he transposes effortlessly through to his sets. There’s was […]

Album of the Week: Masselys – High Fantasy Low Fantasy

Masselys “High Fantasy Low Fantasy” is the album of the week. After a superb show in our basement, this is one of the most exciting bands from Oslo. This band consists of Kjell Olav Jørgensen (drums), Bjarne Larsen (bass, guitar), Jomba (synth, gitar, fx), Jonas H. Dahl (guitar, bass, synth), Viviana Vega (vocals, guitar) Masselys […]

A Helena Hauff Thing

Helena Hauff’s music and the music she plays in her sets exudes a kind of beautiful raw savagery that speaks to something primal, a unique instinctive music that can’t be curtailed into generic boxes and relays an obscure feeling that can’t be described in any literal language.  Helena Hauff instills something uninhibited in her sets […]

JM#031 – Robomatic

Robin Crafoord (aka Robin C, aka the Robin in Trulz and Robin) donned his Robomatic moniker to take us to the edge of this dimension through electronic music’s shadowy wormhole, Electro. An ardent purveyor of all things Electro, Robomatic is Robin’s exclusive outlet for this genre, which today is very hallowed ground for electronic music heads. Artists […]