Affirmative: An Interview with Karima F

“I understand the mechanism of DJing is to create a good vibe, but at one point you have to say if you don’t like it go home.” And there it is, right at the end of our conversation; that firebrand determination that cuts right to the core of it all, feigning the calculated rhetoric some […]

JM#048 – Natalia Barbin

Another Mandagsklubben fixture at Jæger, Natalia Barbin joins the ranks of the Æmix, staking her place in the haunting ether of a sober Tech House sound. Introverted, melodic, and reserved Barbin’s set floats over subtle percussion at leisurely tempos instilling a serene sense of calm in an electronic palette. Thin percussive arrangements take a back seat to the melodic and harmonic movements […]

Experience Captain Credible’s Fantasy Mansion

Possibly the first EP to ever be released on PCB, Fantasy Mansion by Captain Credible has been installed Jæger this week for a preview. Part album preview, part art installation, part musical instrument, the album is now up at Jæger for your listening pleasure. Channeling elements of Aphex Twin and Otto Von Schirach, Captain Credible describes his […]

Album of the Week: Nathan Fake – Providence

Noisy yet subtle, Nathan Fake’s return to the LP format is immediate and poignant. After an extensive  hiatus that saw the artist’s last album, Stream Days released five years ago, Providence marks a significant point in the artist’s career. It comes via Ninja Tune no less, a label that has brought made quite a significant footprint […]

Listen back to Vinny Villbass (live)

It’s not often we get to put out a live session on the blog, so this is a rare treat: Vinny Villbass recorded live in our courtyard two weeks ago. In the spirit of a bootleg, we hit record to capture the live set. Completely live and unedited, this live set features some new and old […]

In the Booth with Karina

With a bag full of records and a  badabing in her step Karina joined Vinny Villbass in the booth one Saturday night in May. Bringing some soul to the cold electronic palette of  House and Disco, she laid down some melodic bass-lines and old-school beats to a receptive audience on a packed dance floor in our courtyard. Karina […]

A guide to Jæger’s live stage for Musikkfest 2017

Musikkfest Oslo is certainly one of the most unique musical experiences out there. Featuring a host of Norwegian artists, musicians and DJs, many of which have found an audience on the world stage, it’s an enriching experience and almost seems crazy that it doesn’t cost a cent. Jæger ritually plays its part each year, bringing […]

JM#047 – Safira

Safira’s edition for the Jæger Mix series transports me back to an empty African desert, where the vast expanse of a night sky, black except for the incandescent glow of distant stars punching piteous holes in the extensive void. All around me is black, but rolling over the flat expanse of the desert is a series of […]

Album of the week: Fredfades – Warmth

Fredfades and his ability to capture a tangible mood through his productions has touched a fair few of our favourite records over the past two years. Wether he’s working with Kristoffer Eikrem as part of the Jazz Cats project or assisting on production duties for a member of the Mutual Intentions crew, Fredfades’ productions are immediately recognisable for their […]

How you living Ivan Ave

In the last couple of years there’s been a voice in Norwegian Hip-Hop that has become instantly recognisable for its honesty and ability to take the mundane of everyday living and whip it into an engaging narrative, tackling everything from a day in the sun to the underlying socio-political landscape that lies beyond it. It’s […]

Following instincts with Renaat Vandepapeliere and R&S

Renaat Vandepapeliere cuts quite a sophisticated figure. A demure background featuring a white wall with a couple of ornamental shelves frames a thick grey sculpted mop of hair; round tortoiseshell spectacles and a simple crisp white T-shirt. His face and frame suggests a much younger man than his sixty years should imply, and something about […]

JM#046 – Emma Tiger

Emma Tiger took on the Jæger mix tooth and claw to express her most resolute desires of the dance floor. Favouring a reserved tempo and a murky sound-palette, the DJ favours a more reserved approach from her usual sets, embracing an early Sunday evening audience and a more laid-back ritual. Airy pads swathe four-four kicks into […]