Read the story of Filter Musikk over on Monument

International Techno blog Monument has published a story today of Roland Lifjell and his Oslo record store Filter Musikk. In it Roland talks about his dedication to vinyl culture, the history of the store and the local authorities’ cultural war on the genre that chose him.  Roland takes over our basement this Friday for a […]

Back in the booth with Ison

For 13 years Reworks festival in Greece has been a highlight on the festival calendar, combining an uncompromising attitude to the dance floor with an exotic location. With Dixon, Paul Kalkbrenner and Ben Klock on the bill for this year’s edition, Reworks continues to bring the cream of the crop to Greece shores, while at […]

Album of the Week: Arthur Russell – Instrumentals

The iconoclastic genius, Arthur Russell adorns our shelf this week through “Instrumentals”. It’s a work that finds Russell in sweet repose, and is yet again resolute in its pursuit in finding that fulcrum point between a populists appeal and an avant garde musical philosophy. Recorded in New York between 1975 -78, Instrumentals feature a collection […]

Everything goes with Fred Everything

Fred Everything has been a timeless figure through the epoch of House music. A seasoned DJ, Producer and performer, the French-Canadian artist has made his mark on various electronic music genres since the early nineties, going from the stage to the studio to the booth as one interconnected piece of the same puzzle. Fred Everything […]

In Pictures: Øya Natt – Nightflight with Molly & Vibeke Bruff

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In Pictures: Øya Natt – Frædag with Vril & Tijana T

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In Pictures: Øya Natt – Retro with Talaboman and Young Turks

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Make the people dance with Molly

A Rex Cub resident that’s worked her way through the ranks from the PR offices to the DJ booth, Molly (Emeline Ginestet) represents one of the new faces bringing French House music back into the spotlight. Alongside peers like Le Loup, French Fries and Seuil, Molly has brought a breath of fresh air to the […]

A Deep and Dark Slavic twist – An Interview with Tijana T

In the late nineties when NATO was bombing the Serbian capital, Belgrade for reasons that hard to remember today,  the innocent people caught in the crossfire could but look on as the harsh realities of a war they didn’t cause nor welcomed, was fought right at the doorstep. As is always the case with these […]

JM#057 – Sandy

Today, through our weekly mix series, we introduce a new face to Oslo’s clubbing scene, Sandy. A new edition to Det Gode Selskab, Sandy brings a fresh outlook to our Jæger mix this week. Warm chords, two step beats and pads that hang in the air for perpetuity, define his mix. With a mood, sculpted […]

Profile: Young Turks

In 2006 the London Police raided an illegal party in an abandoned TFL building in Shoreditch, unknowingly setting into motion what would become one of the most impressive UK labels the world would ever come to know. The night was called Young Turks, and “it was a total disaster” recalls Caius Pawson, the promoter, but […]