“Isn’t all music equal” – Interview with Rave-Enka

In August Ravi Brunsvik (De Fantastiske To) debuted his live show as Rave Enka for The Formant’s 55. The event showcased Ravi’s unmatched talent for music in the language of machines. Rave-Enka manipulates the dark trinity into infectious dance constructions with a foundation in his prominent musical education. He’ll be bringing this ability to Jæger’s stage this weekend, but before that happens, let’s have a look […]

Cheap Swedish Meat and Cigarettes mix by Magnus International

There’ aren’t many people that will find inspiration in the dismal border shopping centres that lie in cheaper, neighbouring countries. These purposeful consumer warehouses, where happiness often goes to die, are soulless and a creative mind will struggle to find any sort of stimulation amongst the towers of shelves erected towards the gods of commerce. That is, unless that mind belongs […]

Jøger på Jæger Æ002 m! Lansering av Jaeger Oslo’s serie med limited USB-sticks

Lansering av Jaeger Oslo’s serie med limited USB-sticks til folket med innhold fra de ulike konseptene på huset. Vi har en bunke med sticks å gi bort med masse mixtapes, foto og annet snacks! Og – det er SISTE tirsdag hvor bakgården er åpen, så mange grunner til å ta turen! Nest siste episode av […]

In the booth with Te Dans

As Te Dans move indoors for the winter, Ivaylo and Nico have shared with us the last two mixes aired from the sauna. “They are very different in style” says Ivaylo. Alex Jangle’s vinyl set went deep into House with the odd breakbeat making an appearance in the percussive-heavy playlist, while Sondre Kveldsvik’s set from the 26th […]

“Don’t call it electroclash : Q&A with Ivan Smagghe”.

It’s an onerous task, summing up Ivan Smagghe’s career in the space of an introduction. The DJ/producer’s career spans the breadth of electronic music history over three decades and it’s not by sheer luck he’s in that position. He’s amassed a cult following in all his musical endeavours. From Black Strobe and Kill the DJ […]

Electroclash in 10 Tracks

With Ivan Smagghe about to take to Jæger’s stage, we want to spin it all back to where it started for the DJ, all the way back to Electroclash. It wasn’t so much a genre as an attitude, and it couldn’t be pinned down to any one particular sound. Electro obviously played a huge role in the DIY […]

New Norwegian Sounds with Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract has compiled a new mix of new Norwegian sounds for Lyd, easing us into the weekend with Ost &Kjex, WNDR and Skatebård, to name but a few. There’s some really exciting unreleased stuff making their way onto this mix, and it looks like we are set for an interesting Autumn  if this is anything to go by. That Skatebård track […]


Yo! Sjekk ut teasern om Joddskis comeback! Nytt Album “Bygdedyret.” Alle Mixtapes samlet på en usb pinne om en uke! Releaseparty med Joddski på Blå og spillejobber rundt om i Norge. Das Fx om to uker! Life is Good! Sjekk ut teasern her: "DEN VANSKELIGE TIDA" (en ærlig dokumentar om det å gjøre come… "DEN […]

In the Booth with G-Ha – 26/09/2015 (Skaugum)

G-ha popped over to Skaugum over the weekend and decided to lay it all down for us via his soundcloud account. Ost & Kjex’s easy makes an appearance at the beginning of the two part mix, getting the week off to the right start. Anybody that’s ever visited Jæger on a Sunday or Friday will know there is […]

Hi-Tech Soul: Detroit in conversation with Steve Rachmad and Joachim Dahl Houmb

Joachim Dahl Houmb’s apartment is a minimalist cave of sanctity for any discerning music fan. On the one wall of his vast living room, a large kitchenette occupies the space from the ceiling to the floor. It’s new, almost looks untouched, but it’s gleaming whiteness only holds your attention for a mere moment before your […]

Do you believe in ghosts – Hubba interviews Prins Emanuel.

Do you believe in ghosts – Hubba interviews Prins Emanuel. This Saturday sees those rascals from Hubbas klub return to Jæger with a string of friends in tow for what promises to be pure unadulterated fun, if their previous exploits are anything to go by. They’ve called on a few of their favourite artists for […]

Stream latest SYNC session

SYNC is the brainchild of Robin Crafoord of Trulz & Robin, a project that sees electronic musicians come together for impromptu jam sessions with a gear-list that would make any music nerd heady. They got together again over the weekend for just one such session and the result was recorded on this occasion, with a small taste of […]