Album Of The Week: Legowelt / SFV Acid / Haron – Plafond 1

We establish 2017’s album of the week at a leisurely pace, dipping our toes into the cool waters of ambient music with Den Hague label, BAKK. Featuring a trio of artists that occupy the the more obscure corners of electronic music, Plafond 1 is made up of a protracted track from each artist, where they journey through some […]

Clubbing in a Police State in 2016

January 2016, and the promise of a new year filled with endless possibilities it represents, is palpable even through Oslo’s frosty -18 degree celsius winds blowing through the heart of the Norwegian city. The prospect of a president-elect-Trump is still the worry of some far-fetched radical distant future; Brexit is  the totalitarian proclivity of only […]


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In Pictures: NATT & DAG og BURN Presenterer Romjulsfestivalen – Første Juledag med Untzdag og Øyvind Morken

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Back 2 Back with Laurence Guy & Svømmebasseng

Somewhere between the stage and the dance floor a musical entity exists that is constantly striving to narrow that divide where the inconsistencies of these worlds cease to exist. That musical entity is Svømmebasseng; a band whose disco-infused synth music is made from the same stuff that pulses through any club floor, channeled through a […]

JM#027 – balErik

In our last episode of the Æmix for 2016 balErik steps up to the booth with a rich variety of dance floor cuts in which he justifies his chosen moniker. Spanning the range of Disco, House and even Techno, balErik approaches his Jæger mix with an eclectic charm that leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of […]

Album of the Week: Various Artists – Dekmantel Selectors mixed by Motor City Drum Ensemble

Technically our album of the week for some time in May, we haven’t been able to get our hands on a copy due its popularity. Every time we’d get to Roland at Filter, the few copies he got in wouldn’t even make it to the shelf before it would snatched up by zealous music connoisseurs. But […]

JM#026 – Kava

Kava (aka Kim Sven) returns to Jæger’s booth for the Æmix. Kim, a regular face at Jæger, can often be found indulging in the sets of others on a Friday night and brings a deepness to his set for this mix that harks back to the digging associations of the blighted genre Deep House. He avoids stoic formulas […]

Subjective Machine Music – In Praise of Barker & Baumecker

Within the diverse and esoteric worlds of Sam Barker and Andreas Baumecker, music can exist anywhere and nowhere at the same time. From the apocalyptic dimensions of German Techno to the innovative rhythms of a UK dance trends, Barker & Baumecker eschew the generic in favour of a complex musical language in which they question […]

Lauer on the Web

Phillip Lauer is a musician, DJ and label owner, particularly known for his work as the eponymous moniker, Lauer and as one half of the DJ duo Tuff City Kids with Gerd Janson, but more on that later. Here is a picture of Lauer:             Here is another one: He […]