Welcome our new resident – DELLA

It gives us great pleasure to present to you Jæger’s new resident, DELLA. Kristina Dunn, formerly of No Dial Tone, assumed the DJ moniker DELLA for a solo career two years ago, extending back to her roots in the USA where she went from the floor of early US rave culture to the booth in […]

It never feels like compromising with Medlar

Informed by a UK sound palette in the digital age of accessibility, Medlar’s DJ sets are an eclectic blend of an extensive dance floor catalogue, through a selector which is as much speculative archivist as he is entertainer. The DJ born Ned Pegler, approaches music in a continuous explorative method, with everything from youtube to […]

JM#042 – Karl Fraunhofer

My social media feed often plays host to a Karl Fraunhofer video, featuring the producer and DJ tinkering with a new synth and/or drum machine or working on a new track, and it always jumps out at me from the screen. More than often it sits at the extremities of Techno, as that uncompromising machine sound, […]

Chances are you’ve heard this track before: An interview with Red Rack’em.

Chances are you’ve heard this track before. It’s a track instantly recognisable for its quirky bass-line hook, House form, and collage-like cut-n-paste sampling technique that blurs the boundaries between genres. It was the best selling House record of 2016; has received several represses and has seen its fair share of play time at Jæger over […]

Album of the week: Joe Goddard – Electric Lines

Joe Goddard returns to long player for the first time in eight years as his eponymous artistic alias. The DJ, producer and label boss, who might be best known for his work as a member of Hot Chip, has a restless approach to music. DJing as Greco Roman; releasing the music of others on the label of […]


Phillip Hinz | Tod Louie | Solaris Det Gode Selskab offers a fitting end to the week with an evening of  House and Techno that can go in any direction with Solaris, Tod Louie and Philip Hinz at the helm. Often joined by Oslo favourites like g-Ha, Det Gode Selskab have only one purpose in mind when they get […]

Job Jobse: A legacy of Trouw incarnate

My last memory of Job Jobse is from Trouw, at the end of a night in the summer of 2014. A bright light shining in through a sliver of an opening in a window infusing favourably with the playful neon lights in situ on the main floor. I remember it as a particularly saturating summer, […]

Album of the Week: Varg – Nordic Flora series Pt.3 – Gore Tex City

Brooding, ghostly atmospheres, born from the darkest corners of artistic mind, and extending into corporeal constitutes Varg’s latest LP on Northern Electronics, and the third in a series of Ambient-Techno works under the Nordic Flora title. An enigmatic series of works that plays on the ambiguity of the artist behind it, it’s also the most “honest […]

JM#041 – Mannex

Crawling out from the miasmic pool of creation at a leisurely pace through a low dub-bass swell and legato pads, the latest Æmix from Mannex comes in its own through syncopated hats, 808 kicks and sonic signature created in the void of space. Between the warm lower frequencies and the luminescent glow of its higher […]

On the history of the selector – abridged

Since the creation of the “DJ”as we know it today, which we can accurately-ish place at the start of seventies, two ideas of a DJ emerged personified by two key figures; Frank Degrasso and David Mancuso. While Degrasso is largely considered the the founder of the mix, the first person to beat match and segue […]

Album of the week: Thudercat – Drunk

Laying somewhere between the eccentricities of  Frank Zappa and the Hip-Hop sensibilities of Flying Lotus, comes the fast-paced, doggedly tenacious third album from Thundercat, the alias of Stephen Bruner. Sweet melodic refrains, dusty beats, incredible Jazz bass movements and a palpable disdain for anything safe or consistent, Drunk is a rich kaleidoscopic musical expression from a very […]

In the Booth with Honey Soundsystem

A couple of weeks ago Jacob Sperber and Jason Kendig dropped by to share  a little of that Honey Soundsystem philosophy  with us and our guests in the courtyard. They brought that sound and the energy from the west coast, tracking a set through Disco and House in a four-hour happening that really brought out the Honey […]