No More music, No More dancing in Iran

In 1979, after a protest that saw not a single act of violence, Iran disposed of a despot shah to move into a new era of democracy and social freedom… or so it seemed. The time of the shah was a time of great inequality and the revolution was thought to bring about social changes […]

JM#068 – Gemini Corpulenti

Henri LeCoq and Le Capitan squeeze into our booth together as Gemini Corpulenti once more to take on the duties of the Æmix this week with a rough-and-tumble selection of Balearic, Disco, breakbeat and House of course. The enigmatic duo have been a larger-than-life presence in Oslo for over the past decade. Regularly taking top-billing […]

A Quiet Noise – A Q&A with Æsthetica

From the densely wooded suburbs just outside of Oslo a deep, dark sound has emerged  with the sonic intensity of armageddon and the wistful sonorities of the birds. Æsthetica are a self-styled doom, post-rock band from Kolbotn whose live shows have mesmerised audiences for its fierce fervour and great big swathes of sound that envelop […]

Album of the Week: Wu Tang – The Saga Continues

In a recent review of Wu tang’s “The Saga Continues” factmag’s Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy’s grievance with the album is that it”grips on the past”, and if the biggest complaint with the Saga Continues is that it sounds like old Wu Tang, we were sold before we even heard a bar. After the top-down debacle of “Once Upon […]

Bassiani: A Safe Space

The early 1990’s in Europe: Raves were a burgeoning trend consuming suburbs and undisclosed roadside destinations every weekend; Techno and House music had found a vigorous youthful audience; and everywhere artists and DJs were abandoning stoic musical traditions in what was to be one of the sonically richest eras for electronic music in living memory. […]

TBT: In the Booth with G-Ha & Olanskii (2003)

Scratching around in the office over the weekend, Frædag resident G-Ha had stumbled across this dusty gem from 2003. Featuring a bit Joakim, Soft Pink Truth and Tribe called quest this is vintage G-Ha & Olanskii at their best and like a fine wine it’s only matured with age.  

JM#067 – Inkfish

In plaintive, subtle tones, Swedish DJ/Production trio Inkfish opened up the floor in Jæger’s basement this Sunday for The Jæger mix. luring the listener in through submissive melodies and airy soundscapes, Inkfish, mix takes a mercurial turn through the first few tracks coinciding with an immediate shift from subtle melodic expeditions to repetitive beats.    […]

Album of the Week: Kölsch – 1989

Danish producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has been on a singular onerous mission through his albums; “the narration of his life through sonic soundscapes”. His previous two albums 1977 and 1983 documented two distinct periods in his life namely, early adolescence in Copenhagen’s Christiania and the first European trip travelling over the border to Germany aged six. […]

Dance Music: DELLA talks to Tommy Bones

What Chicago and Detroit established in House, New York made its own with a sound that channeled something raw and urgent from the city into the music. The city’s conic traditions, from the aggressive assertiveness of punk / new wave and the grimy reality of Hip Hop, would leave its impression on House too, shaping […]

In the Studio with Karl Fraunhofer

There are many faces to Karl Fraunhofer and over the course of the last few years I’ve come to know at least two few of them through the music he produces. “I have a split personality when it comes to music” he says with the white noise of the Akerselva gushing past the window of […]

JM#066 – Timo

Det Gode Selskab associate, Timo stepped into basement booth on Sunday, setting  the mood for the night ahead with a Jæger mix inspired by the location. Setting the tone for the mix ahead with an unknown Tech-House, Timo uses the textural beauty of the track as a launchpad, a slow buildup to a more minimal […]

Norwegian artists remix Sex Judas

Dropping via Arildo Cymawax imprint today is a hefty onslaught of  Norwegian supreme producers remixing a bevy of Sex Judas’ finest works. Featuring Blackbealt Andersen, Magnus International, Charlotte Bendiks, Melkeveien, Human Inferno,  Arildo and Trulz & Robin, the remix package is a star-studded affair, with every artist leaving his/her own quirky imprint on the idiosyncratic […]