Nosizwe – Defragmented

“I am mother, child, daughter of the soil, born and raised in the north…” croons Nosizwe Lise Baqwa in the opening introduction of her debut album “In Fragments”; her lyrics unravelling the complicated identity of the person behind those earthy vocalised tones. “We have all these different identities, and we have these fragmented experiences and […]

JM#040 – Alex Jangle

Featuring on a double bill this past Sunday, Alex Jangle took on an episode of the Æmix before joining Det Gode Selskab and the guys, who took us into the early hours of the morning. Jangle’s Æmix starts in the reserved tempos of an early Sunday evening, opting for a sound that combines deep chords, […]

Greetings from Jæger – Nå skal vi kose oss!

As bodies, like sundials, turn to face those first rays of a forgotten sun; we escape the dark, dank confines of our winter habitat, tentatively making our slow migration outside, where rejuvenated fauna, birdsong and a locked groove await us. The steam has cleared from our sauna booth where MC Kaman has been residing these […]

Album of the week: Sigha – Metabolism

Sigha’s second album continues to explore that indefinable boundary between the dance floor and the artistic motive. Emerging out of the versatile club scene in the UK in 2009, Sigha, like so many of his contemporaries, took to a divergent path in a world dictated by dubstep and found the allure of Techno to good to resist. Music that […]

A bit more Honey… Soundsystem

A DJ collective and events series that today also encompasses no less than three labels and a monthly podcast, Honey Soundsystem has been a significant feature for no less than the ten years they’ve been around. Praised by critics, heads and partygoers alike they find that unique balance between entertainment and enlightenment, bringing a tangible […]

JM#039 – Kent Horne

Taking its initial form in the heady world of the experimentalist Jazz fusion trio NTS, Kent Horne’s episode of the Æmix dives into the expressive maelstrom of unorthodoxy. The functional beat; the synchronous blend; and the DJ narrative is replaced by something more intuitive and defiant. Music that feels like it was born in the gut and expressed […]

Album of the Week: Various Artists – I Wanna See All My Friends At Once Vol 2

NYC Loft records came to the world a bit auspiciously last year. Claiming to release unreleased material from a prominent New York production crew, the validity of which has yet to be checked, the rate at which they’ve released tracks and the quality of the music that they’ve produced suggests NYC Loft Trax has its roots […]

In a creative mood with Dorisburg

Between the dance floor and the visceral dimension exists a sound  all onto its own. It’s a sound based on a minimalist aesthetic that visits contrasting corners of the dance floor from House to Techno and has found its way on labels like Aniara, Hivern Discs and Northern Electronics. With a focus looking towards the ethereal […]

JM#038 – DJ Sin

An inconspicuous lo-fi kick-snare sneaks up on the listener. locked in a groove like a time bomb waiting to go off, its sound is reminiscent of the eighties.  Sinisa Spasojevic, who simply goes by the DJ moniker Sin both in the booth and beyond it took the reigns of the Jæger Mix this week, and set the […]

Jæger goes into the Maze

“In a forest glade, a little bit north of the festival area at Into the Factory, our club concept The Maze will take place. We’ve invited some of the foremost clubs of the Scandinavian music scene to curate this area. And just as the name reveals, this area will be formed as a maze with […]

Album of the week: Adept & Rude Lead – The EP

Dusty beats, melodically inclined samples, dub rhythms and engaging vocals take centre stage for Adept and Rude Lead’s next release and our album of the week. Simply entitled “The EP”, it suggests something inevitable and concrete has finally come to fruition for the Norwegian MC Adept and DJ/producer Rude Lead. The duo’s second only release to a mixtape from 2012, “The […]

A Motor City Soul with Amp Fiddler

Joseph Anthony “Amp” Fiddler’s musical legacy is the thing of legends. A keyboardist, producer and artist, his sounds have graced records from Prince to Moodymann with his touch on the keys a fundamental part of P-Funk since the 1970’s. As a Detroitian, he stays close to his roots and besides working with artists from the […]