Into the Episode in Pictures

Into the Valley touched down on Friday with a preview to the festival as Into the Episode. With DVS1 and Johanna Knutsson joining G-Ha & Olanskii, Petter Celius, Oskar Pask and Ricky Late, the line-up was an extensive one, featuring the width and breadth of club music. A precursor to midsummer, the Frædag crew headed […]

Greetings from Jæger

Kerri Chandler evoking the spirit of House block parties in New Jersey; Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda bringing Disco back to the stage; and Robin Crafoord’s celestial garden cascading down from the heavens. Kicks reverberate infinitely outside as days swelter on eternally, dusk our only solace from our never-setting sun. It’s yet another new season at […]

JM#050 – Ole Martin

Ole Martin takes us into the second half century of the Jæger Mix series with a 100% vinyl set. Always a pleasure to see the moustachioed selector in our booth, Ole Martin never disappoints with his eclectic and idiosyncratic sets, pulling out those rare and cherished gems deep from within his bottomless record bag. There’s […]

An old acquaintance with Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda

Two years on from playing Jæger’s courtyard one sunny summer’s Wednesday evening, a lot has changed for Harvey Sutherland (aka Mike Katz). The project has expanded to a trio, featuring Tamil Rogeon on strings and Graeme Pogson on drums. They go by Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda today and have captivated audiences with their dynamic Disco/House […]

An Intense Obsession with Johanna Knutsson

Back in 2008  Johanna Knutsson made a conscious decision to leave an established profession behind to follow what she thought would be a mere temporary indulgence.Taking a year sabbatical from a successful career as a hairstylist at the age of twenty four, she left her home town and made the journey due south to Berlin. […]

Album of the week: Chmmr – Auto

We’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for Chmmr’s debut album, Auto to make it our way, and it’s with great pleasure that we can finally add it to our record collection as our album of the week. Lauded by peers like Øyvind Morken and Magnus International, way before we even heard a single note from it, […]

Captain Credible and his sentient music

In the days following a Captain Credible appearance in Jæger’s basement for Notam, a little piece of the Norwegian producer’s next EP remained behind. Fantasy Mansion is part EP, part sound installation, part instrument, part sentient being, and for the last week it’s been living on the landing of our staircase, quietly lying dormant until […]

JM#049 – Terje Saether

Creative forces combined once again when Terje Saether joined Bogota label boss Ivaylo for this edition of the Jæger Mix. As a producer with releases on the aforementioned Bogota records, Terje Saether and Ivaylo’s connection runs deep, a deepness Saether perpetuates with this mix. The mix focusses predominantly on a low end, with pads and […]

A Deep Soul – Kerri Chandler

The legend of Kerri Chandler’s immense appreciation for music, sound and the dance floor is one that has been well documented in the past. Tales of the New Jersey DJ standing on the dance floor, mid-set tweaking levels remotely; tuning systems before a gig; and remixing tracks on the fly, have rippled through clubland since […]

Album of the Week: Svømmebasseng – Broder

We wade up to the shallow end, into the cooler waters of the indie synth pop/disco sound of Svømmesbasseng for this week’s album of the week. Always a welcomed sound at Jæger, Svømmebasseng bring an infectious blend of icy electronics, warms bass and attainable melodies through sweet vocals that always manage to capture a sense of a feeling through their […]

Affirmative: An Interview with Karima F

“I understand the mechanism of DJing is to create a good vibe, but at one point you have to say if you don’t like it go home.” And there it is, right at the end of our conversation; that firebrand determination that cuts right to the core of it all, feigning the calculated rhetoric some […]

JM#048 – Natalia Barbin

Another Mandagsklubben fixture at Jæger, Natalia Barbin joins the ranks of the Æmix, staking her place in the haunting ether of a sober Tech House sound. Introverted, melodic, and reserved Barbin’s set floats over subtle percussion at leisurely tempos instilling a serene sense of calm in an electronic palette. Thin percussive arrangements take a back seat to the melodic and harmonic movements […]