JM#081 – Vari Loves

Kristin Ernstsen is a prominent fixture on Oslo’s music scene, both in front and behind the decks. Between working within the city’s music industry and her presence on the dance floor, she is also Vari Loves, one of Oslo’s most fervent DJs. As Vari Loves she sculpts soulful, genre-hopping sets that take large strides between […]

Album of the Week: Action Bronson – Blue Chips 7000

When it comes to Action Bronson there’s very little that’s subtle or inconspicuous about the New York rapper. His style lands stinging blows across stuttering musical assemblages that steal from a vast palette of influences, while self-deprecating lyrics about food, the opposite sex, and smoking illicit substances bring Action Bronson’s wry and crass sense of  […]

Mix of the Week: Fredfades and Dirty Hans

Recorded in our basement last Saturday during Nightflight is over 4 hours of soulful dance floor bliss from Fredfades and Dirty Hans. The Touchdown and Mutual Intentions leading men take us from Funk to Synth to Disco and House, bringing their idiosyncratic vibe to the mix. Spanning the globe with sounds from the Americas to […]

Back to Back with DELLA and Danby Choi

DELLA and Danby Choi are two pieces cut from the same cloth. They might have travelled divergent paths to occupy two sides of the same two-headed coin, but their obsessive love for music all stems from the very same place… the dance floor. DELLA cut her teeth in the US, dancing to the likes of […]

JM#080 – Vinny Villbass

For his return visit to the Jæger mix, Vinny Villbass keeps things upbeat and optimistic with a mix that combines the charm of vocals with the primordial rhythms of House music. There’s always a bounce in Villbass’ step and this mix is no different, non-conformist and setting the tone rather than placating to it. Vinny […]

The language of Pop with Legs 11

Depending on which way you look at it, Legs 11 can be an infamous strip club; a promiscuous cover band; or the mnemonic caricature on a bingo card for the number 11. Ironic, funny and oft notorious, Legs 11 encourages several associations, and in Norway it’s a band, a band who have happily adopted at […]

Strictly Underground with Didier Dlb

Can an underground truly still exist in the age of the internet and social media? With everything available at a swipe of a screen, there’s very little left to be discovered and that extends from information, to the clandestine acts of governments all the way to culture and music. What used to be the coveted […]

Album of the Week: Legowelt – Legendary Freaks in the Trash of Time

The eccentric Dutch producer, Legowelt and his menagerie of classic synths have created yet another timeless album, adding to an extensive discography of a truly ingenious creative figure. Legowelt’s signature sound, which uses an arsenal of coveted vintage synthesisers, is all over this record and the producer has taken extensive care to create an album […]

New music from Radio Slave and Rekids

Coming via Rekids over the weekend are two remixes of Radio Slave’s “Grindhouse”. Two cuts of uninhibited Techno come via Slam and Obscure Shape & SHDW, transporting the original DJ tool from Radio Slave’s  2008 “No Sleep” series to the present. It’s  the second in a series that saw Len Faki approach the Radio Slave classic […]

Mix of the Week: Errorsmith

Pronking African rhythms and  alien electronic textures come together in this Errorsmith mix for Factmag. A variable jumble of references and sounds make it into the mix, with a distinctly UK take informing the German DJ and producer’s mix. The mix follows his first album in 13 years, “Superlative Fatigue” which saw the producer continue his […]

Introducing Joggebukse

In David Byrne’s book “How music Works” the Talking Heads singer outlines the band’s motivation for wearing suits on stage at the start of their career, as a way to counteract the extroversion of the glam period that came to before them, and land major Tom back on solid ground. Wearing suits like everybody else […]

New Norwegian sounds on LYD February

Olle Abstract plays a selection of new Norwegian sounds for February in his latest edition of LYD. Featuring Vibeke Bruff Kim Dürbeck and KSMISK amongst others it’s the first real taste of what’s to come in 2018 as Olle Abstract hand-picks some of his favourite future releases in this edition. Everything from sweet indie pop […]