JM#030 – Jonas Wiik

Jonas Wiik one of the two people behind Lot Lot and Jacks Kantine, came down to our basement to lay down a Jæger mix this last Sunday. The DJ and club promotor who proliferates the very capricious corners of club music has brought some of the more idiosyncratic DJs to Oslo through his events and […]

Moving forward with XXXY

XXXY (Rupert Taylor) came to prominence in amongst the last original musical movement, Dubstep. Hailing from Manchester with early musical pursuits in the world of Indie rock, Taylor found in the community of Dubstep a musical voice that first took the form of Forensix [mcr] ten years ago. After a mere two tracks and three […]

Album of the Week: Bonobo – Migration

Bonobo makes incredibly stunning albums. He orchestrates synthetic textures around UK-influenced percussive arrangements and vocals that create a visceral dialogue between the artist and his audience. Occupying that undefinable space somewhere between the dance floor and your headphones, Bonobo uses vocals, pop-indulgences and toe-tapping rhythms to create something unique and thorough, every time he approaches the album […]

JM#029 – Marius Sommerfeldt

The fantastic Marius Sommerfeldt took some time out of his busy schedule to track some selections for us and the Jæger Mix. When he’s not laying down dance floor cuts with Ravi Brunsvik as De Fantastiske To, or running Oslo Camping, he’s playing some tunes for somebody, somewhere. A music fan, turned producer, festival/clubbing promotor, Marius Sommerfeldt […]

Hooked on Benoit & Sergio

Benoit & Sergio create music that engage with its listeners on a personable level. There’s an approachability to their music that loves nothing more to loiter in the serenity of a melody, while it surges with the energy of a packed dance floor. Frenchman, Benoit Simon and US statesman Benjamin Myers (Sergio Giorgini) crossed paths […]

Album of the week: A Tribe Called Quest – We’ve got it from Here… Thank you 4 your service

“Back in the day when I was a teenager, before I status, before I had a pager”, a group existed that tamed the raw assault of  gangster rap; acknowledged the history of black music and culture through conscientious lyrics and beats that delved way beyond the superficial; and took Hip-Hop into its golden age. That group was […]

JM#028 – Sondre Kveldsvik

Easing us into 2017 for the Jæger mix is Sondre Kveldsvik, who kicks off his mix in the syncopated beats of Disco. Melodic bass-lines, padded by strings and the odd guitar lick bring an upbeat optimism to the mix through the instrumental charm of Disco’s more electronic voices. Kveldsvik digs deep through the less-obvious corners of […]

In the Booth with Laurence Guy

Turn the clocks back to Romjulsfestivalen and disappear into this mix from Laurence Guy, recorded live on our basement floor. Guy followed Svømmebasseng to round out our night, digging through the past, present and future of House music for his set. Going from staccato piano stabs to pads entrenched in the deeper end of spectrum, interlaced with […]

Album Of The Week: Legowelt / SFV Acid / Haron – Plafond 1

We establish 2017’s album of the week at a leisurely pace, dipping our toes into the cool waters of ambient music with Den Hague label, BAKK. Featuring a trio of artists that occupy the the more obscure corners of electronic music, Plafond 1 is made up of a protracted track from each artist, where they journey through some […]

Clubbing in a Police State in 2016

January 2016, and the promise of a new year filled with endless possibilities it represents, is palpable even through Oslo’s frosty -18 degree celsius winds blowing through the heart of the Norwegian city. The prospect of a president-elect-Trump is still the worry of some far-fetched radical distant future; Brexit is  the totalitarian proclivity of only […]