JM#079 – Olle Abstract

After hosting the first successful LYD showcase at Jæger with KSMISK and Rudolf Kontainer in our basement, Olle Abstract stayed on till the Sunday to set the tone for the week ahead with his edition of the Jæger mix. Gestating forth from the warm keys of Brian Eno’s 1/1 from Music for Airports, Olle Abstract […]

Album of the Week: Taxgorkhan – Leaves in a Stream & Plateau

Exploring the infinite realm of possibilities, between ambient, krautrock and “world” music, comes two albums from J.Hannevold as Taxgorkhan. “Leaves in the Stream” & “Plateau”, released late last year, consolidate the artist’s sound as an esoteric journey through the furthest reaches of any and all known musical dimensions. Arriving to the recorded format through the “O. […]

JM#078 – Coltsfoot

Reunited and it feels so good… Coltsfoot shared the booth with his old Te-Dans comrade last Sunday for his second visit to Jæger Mix in as many years. Coltsfoot begins his mix with some German words on design before a slow beguiling guitar loops into infinity, building up to the moment when drum machines and […]

Listen to a new track from Peggy Gou’s upcoming EP on Ninja Tune

Peggy Gou has returned to Ninja Tune for “Once” and has shared the first cut from that record last night via Ninja Tune’s soundcloud page. Gou, who enchanted Oslo last year when she visited Sunkissed, says the EP draws from “all (her) influences of the last few years” and mentions “Maurice Fulton and DMX Krew” […]

What’s in Rudolfs Kontainer

Combining elements of Krautrock, Disco and New Wave is a new group out of Oslo called Rudolf’s Kontainer. A soundcloud sensation that also caught the attention of Olle Abstract’s Lyd podcast in January, Rudolf’s Kontainer is the brainchild of Mikal Lillo and consists of Ulf Moen Denneche, Pablo Guerrero and Eivind A. Haugen. The band […]

Listen: Radio Slave live at Shelter in Amsterdam

Coming through our inbox this morning via Shelter in Amsterdam is this 4-Hour long intense Techno mix from Rekids boss Radio Slave. It’s a late night scorcher of a mix from Radio Slave, an intense four hours in one of Amsterdam’s most exciting new clubs which simply oozes energy through the speakers. There are a […]

Album of the Week: Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH

Billowing out from under the concrete fortress that is home to Ostgut Ton’s ambient / leftfield subsidiary A-TON is RAUCH – a new collaborative work between Felix K, Marcel Dettmann, Sa Pa and Simon Hoffmann. Originally recorded to accompany the images of post world-war 2 monasteries by photographer Friederike von Rauch in an exhibition called insgeheim (“in […]

JM#077 – DELLA

The first guest to the Jæger mix series in 2018 and the first return-guest of the entire Æmix series is none other than DELLA. Following a year that saw her launch DELLA’s Drivhus at Jæger, playing alongside Tommy Bones and Jesse Rose, the DJ, vocalist and producer settles into 2018 with a spot on  Jæger […]

New Norwegian Music and Run DMC with Olle Abstract

In Joddski and Tommy Tee’s music video for “Æ E Old School” from 2016, Olle “ Abstract”  Løstegaard’s cameo doesn’t go unnoticed. Amongst peers like Strangefruit and Hele Fitta, the six-foot something Norwegian DJ is as much a physical presence as a symbolic one. One of the original protagonists in the story of electronic music […]

Album of the Week: Terekke – Plant Age

Terekke is one of a core group of artists that helped establish the L.I.E.S label in its formative years. When Ron Morelli launched the Long Island Electrical Systems label back in 2017, it was his intention to create a conduit for the “great” unreleased material his friends were producing. Chief amongst these friends was an […]

Resolutions and Aspirations with Moscoman

Moscoman arrived out of the Tel Aviv scene into Berlin five years ago with the dynamic and esoteric sound of the Israeli beach side city as the eastern Mediterranean’s answer to the Balearic call. Clattering between guitars and drum machines in a musical dialect with flavours spanning deep into his cultural roots, Moscoman’s sound has […]

JM#076 – Ivaylo

Same procedure as last year… The Jæger mix returns with resident Ivaylo inaugurating the mix series for the year ahead. The DJ/Producer behind Bogota records and Jæger’s resident Deep-House veteran, sets the tone for 2018 with an eclectic mix, from some of the artists and DJs that lit up Jæger’s floor over the last year. […]