DELLA heads over to Chicago’s 5mag for a mix

Jæger resident DELLA is currently on tour in the states and has graced the pages of Chicago’s 5 Magazine with a mix and an extensive feature interview. She talks up Jæger and offers some insights on being a vocalist, producer and DJ playing at an international level. You can read the full interview here and we’re […]

Album of the Week Bugge Wesseltoft – Everybody loves Angels

We’ve been dogged by by noise since as early as the 16th century when one citizen complained about the noise coming from his next-door neighbour’s gunpowder factory. Yes gunpowder factory, and ever since that first official noise complaint, we’ve been bombarded with sound. In our present digital age, noise has taken a metaphysical manifestation and […]

Ivaylo’s Bogota records goes Colombian

For the first time since establishing Bogota, Ivaylo has enlisted a Colombian artist to the roster. Atlántico House Caribe is a new artist  from the Colombian capital making his debut EP on the label that takes its name from the city. As serendipity would have it, Atlántico House Caribe’s sound is one that is perfectly suited for […]

Reykjavik & Beyond with Viktor Birgiss

Reykjavik has cultivated and inspired some of the most enduring leftfield artists in modern times. There seems to be some imperceptible charge in the creative air of the Icelandic capital producing familiar artists like Bjørk, Sigur Rós, and Bjarki, but so much more too. Even though the city holds the highest concentration of the country’s […]

JM#065 – Nordiks

Sparkling melodic objects glisten in the wake of a skipping electro beat with a Reedale Rise track commencing Nordiks’ session in our booth for this week’s Jæger Mix. Nordiks hangs on to the track by tooth and nail before ebbing into his comfort zone, moving back into a corner where Tech/Deep House prevails as common […]

Øyvind Morken’s Jungelerotikk / External Processing now available on Bandcamp

Øyvind Morken’s 2015 primal voyeuristic adventure, Jungelerotikk / External Processing is no longer the prized exclusivity of the international DJ community. Released on limited edition 7″ on Morken’s Moonlighting imprint, Jungelerotikk / External Processing was the privy of DJs and collectors alike, a shinning gem of a needle in a haystack that was just a […]

Dortmund – Det Gode Selskab DJ Profile mix

Det Gode Selskab are back with their acclaimed mix series and Dortmund have the honour of bringing the series out of hiatus, with  Karl Fraunhofer and Florian Grisard reviving their Techno-leaning project for the occasion. After the nostalgic charm of the Out-Run-inspired Santa Cruz, Fraunhofer returns to Dortmund, to pick up where he and Grisard left […]

A Conversation with a Stranger, with Harri & Domenic

Harri & Domenic (James Harrigan and Domenic Cappello) are in uncharted territory and hold a position many of the world’s most successful DJs would certainly envy. They are a clubbing institution in their hometown Glasgow and their reputation precedes wherever they go as the residents of Sub Culture – a residency that’s been held every […]

Album of the week: Bicep – Bicep

Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar have nurtured something completely distinct in House as Bicep. They deal in a raw, unadulterated sound of House, feigning dogmatic approaches and forging ahead of trends. Theirs is an instantly recognisable sound as big, jacking beats take centre stage in minimalist machine productions expertly crafted for the purpose of physical movement. Their […]

Listen: Ivaylo Lab Cleaning Jam

His finger never hovering to far from the record button, Ivaylo’s monthly Lab Cleaning Jam is soundtracking our week again. This month’s edition is perfectly suited for office/home listening as Ivaylo yet again digs the newest, deepest tracks in House tropes. Our Jæger mix resident expertly captures an equable mood this week with this latest […]

JM#064 – Vibeke Bruff

Vibeke Bruff has been a immoveable rudder in Oslo club music for over a decade. Gaining momentum as one half of the feverish Deep House act No Dial Tone, Vibeke Bruff has refined her craft from the stage to the studio, and  the booth. Alongside Kristina (DELLA) Dunn, Bruff was the introverted figure behind the […]

B12 – Electro Soma

A glimmer of a future-past reaches us this week through the music of B12, as the classic 1993 album “Electro Soma” is re-issued for the first time via Warp Records. Obscure characters in the first UK wave of Techno, B12 like LFO and Aphex Twin sought to uphold the legacy of Detroit’s futurist music, although […]