JM#037 – Omar V

Venturing deeper and darker through the maelstrom of House comes Omar V’s edition to the Jæger mix. Hollow bass-lines and atmospheric stabs cut through the air, churning up the lower end as it makes it’s way through each selection. Omar V is immoveable through this mix, maintaining a mood that flits between sonic worlds as they conspire through the DJ. […]

Palms Trax through the Tracks

Palms Trax is a modern incarnation of nu-groove, a lo-fi synth sound with ethereal melodic lines and corporeal rhythms. His work is uncomplicated, demanding only an impulse from the listener as it gets to the point effectively and effortlessly. His releases have been tagged by Lobster Theremin and Dekmantel, where he has made a sizeable […]

Album of the week: Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm force – Yermande

Mark Ernestus, the man behind Hard Wax, Basic Channel and a prominent fixture on Berlin’s Techno scene, is not anything but diverse. From Basic Channel’s incredible reign, both as artistic voice and propagandist to Hard Wax’ unremitting pursuit of the harder, more rigid examples of Techno, Ernestus is a figure of great significance in electronic music both on and off […]

In the moment with Dandy Digital

Anders Åkergren appears in silhouette within the frame of large window letting in a blinding array of light from the outside world. Anders’ features are indefinable, a visual metaphor for what I know of the prominent Swedish DJ that goes by Dandy Digital. Anders’ history and his DJ career is an opaque collection of small […]

No Fillers, only Killers with Delfonic

Markus Lindner, better known behind a pair of decks as Delfonic is a fundamental figure on the  Berlin scene. Part-owner of OYE records, an institution in Berlin and a prominent DJ himself with a residencies at Gretchen and  Farbfernseher, Lindner has the type of career that any self-proclaimed music nerd swoons over. A DJ and […]

JM#036 – Tellstroem

Kristoffer Tellstroem, the man behind Djupet and a DJ we often see in our booth is a versatile musical personality. He can easily go from the Afro Rhythms of Øyvind Morken’s Untzdag residency to warming up a Saturday crowd with some House and Disco, peering into the more obscure corners of each genre style and era as […]

Baya – Behind the Mask

There’s something intimidating, yet captivating about Baya’s new double EP, “Oslo – Harlem” before you even get to the music contained within. Even just sitting on the shelf, the artwork provokes with the audacity and virility of its imagery, the African mask in all its magnificent presence. It touches on something visceral and primordial in […]

In the Booth with Bill Brewster

Besides writing the book on DJ history, Bill Brewster is also an incomparable DJ that has the respect of his peers as much as his audience. His vast and extraordinary musical knowledge stems from his love of the music, and everything he does, from writing to compiling music for the likes of “Late Night Tales”, it all […]

Album of the Week: Baya – Oslo – Harlem

Oslo – Harlem is a very personal body of work from Oslo artist Baya, who upon a trip to Harlem to meet his estranged father, he found a common link between two disparate artistic voices and the consequence, a double EP. Although not quite a concept album, the ideas that arose through interviewing his father, Professor […]

Bill Brewster: The Archivist

My computer screen blinks into live with; “Mischa are you from Oslo?” I confirm, thinking it’s a question of residency before I get the reply: “wasn’t sure who was contacting me and I often get weird porno people trying to add me!” In a few characters and an emoticon, Bill Brewster instantly lights the mood […]

JM#035 – Ivaylo

It had been brought to our attention that we have yet to feature a Jæger Mix with its resident Ivaylo, and when Kim Dürbeck had to reschedule his Æmix appearance, it was pure kismet. It comes at fortuitous time too, just when Ivaylo and Bogota records are about to release an upcoming EP from Usmev […]

In the Booth with Frankey & Sandrino

Frankey & Sandrino were the first international guests we invited to our basement after we called in 2017, and stand amongst the most beguiling experiences we’ve had at Jæger. It’s always better when the DJs enjoy being there as much as we enjoy having them, and when Frankey & Sandrino stopped by, fully engaged in the […]