A Deep and Dark Slavic twist – An Interview with Tijana T

In the late nineties when NATO was bombing the Serbian capital, Belgrade for reasons that hard to remember today,  the innocent people caught in the crossfire could but look on as the harsh realities of a war they didn’t cause nor welcomed, was fought right at the doorstep. As is always the case with these […]

JM#057 – Sandy

Today, through our weekly mix series, we introduce a new face to Oslo’s clubbing scene, Sandy. A new edition to Det Gode Selskab, Sandy brings a fresh outlook to our Jæger mix this week. Warm chords, two step beats and pads that hang in the air for perpetuity, define his mix. With a mood, sculpted […]

Profile: Young Turks

In 2006 the London Police raided an illegal party in an abandoned TFL building in Shoreditch, unknowingly setting into motion what would become one of the most impressive UK labels the world would ever come to know. The night was called Young Turks, and “it was a total disaster” recalls Caius Pawson, the promoter, but […]

Album of the Week: Porn Sword Tobacco – 2017

We opt for a kind of quiet before the storm hits this week as Øya rolls into town and look towards an ambient work for our album of the week. Leftfield Swedish electronic producer Porn Sword Tobacco, headed over to Acido records to put together “2017”, a lush wavy ambient LP that soothes something primitive […]

Profile: Rush Hour

Hiding in plain sight on Spuistraat Amsterdam, some 100 meters away from the tourist bustle of Damstraat, a modest building in n a restrained art deco style leers at passers by through its huge open windows of some calvinistic proportions. The simple square light with the letters RH emboldened in black and white, give little […]

JM#056 – Lente

A name that hardly needs an introduction in Oslo, Lente’s profile precedes him wherever he goes for sets that tap into the primal, something visceral, while at the same time planting your feet on the dance floor. A spiritual being who seems to want project all of his feelings through music, his mixes have been […]

Album of the week: Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas – Square One

Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas go back to basics on Square One with live drums and liquid bass-lines setting the tone for lethargic slow pulses and warm lush keys languishing in their own warmth. Based on the title, the two Norwegian electronic music pioneers, used this project to tap into something primal in themselves and […]

Would I lie to you – a Q&A with DJ Boring

With music entrenched in the visceral and the dance floor, born out of array of very eclectic and diverse influences, DJ Boring is of a new generation of producer and DJ that harks back to a time of new groove and DIY simplicity. With a sincere and determined focus on the raw fundamental elements of […]

JM#055 – Mikael Gordon

Deep and pensive, Mikael Gordon stepped into our sauna on Sunday and as the sun disappeared behind some ominous clouds he took to the Jæger mix, delivering a mix that looked to the deeper end of House and Techno. With a selection of tracks brooding on the fringes of the dance floor and encouraging some […]

Catching up with Charlotte Bendiks

A lot has happened since we last spoke to Charlotte Bendiks. While she continues to play all over the world, she’s also brought a new live show to the stage, released her brilliant debut for Cómeme, “Hidden Tracks”, and will be inducted as a Jæger resident this week when she kicks off her new IRONI […]

Album of the week: Charlotte Bendiks – Hidden Tracks

Primal, dreamy and abounding with atmosphere, Charlotte Bendiks’ debut on Cómeme establishes the northern DJ and producer as the new definitive voice above the arctic circle, upholding a legacy established by Biosphere and Bjorn Torske singlehandedly today. “Hidden Tracks” is a six track EP that joins a dotted line between the rhythms of a warmer […]