Frædad Invites Ejeca

Ejeca | G-Ha & Olanskii – Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | RL.O.O.C

Frostbitten bamboo shoots reflect lights dancing in circular motion on an open patio. From below sub-bass drawl extends its writhing tentacles up a flight of stairs and in a powerful embrace coils itself around its unsuspecting host. A deep rumble like a sirens call pulls us into the warm bosom of a basement and a function one system, where Frædag hosts Ejeca.

The UK producer is on stage with G-Ha & Olanskii in the booth after a concert from How To Dress Well. Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken, and Celius provide the soundtrack for the surface dwellers, traversing the musical cosmos through thew ocular view of a kaleidoscope. 

#blaearic #house #acid #ukbass #live 


Ejeca aka Garry McCartney is one of Belfast’s best musical exports in recent years from the growing scene in Northern Ireland. His down- to-earth attitude has allowed him to gain recognition from his musical peers and with constant solid releases it’s always been music first, hype later. From a young age his fascination with production culminated in early releases such as the limited edition, vinyl-only Tusk Wax Five EP, and his work with fellow Northern Irish, Bicep on AUS. After 12 long years of
hard work, his big break finally came when two of his tracks were named ‘Essential Tune of the Week’ on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show. Ejeca is now a firmly established name as a reputable purveyor of high quality house and techno, and with his label Exploris now on their twelfth release it’s safe to say his selection of tracks is always on the pulse.


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