Frædag invites B.Traits

B.Traits | G-ha & Olanskii | Olefonken

A passionate pursuit for the cutting edge of electronic music, a dedicated intimate space for the enthusiast and a nerdy approach to sonic perfection. Contained in the cabin-like subterranean liar in the heart of Oslo, G-Ha & Olanskii open their window to the world with a new guest every Frædag in their unwavering pursuit of finding the latest artists and DJs making impressions in electronic club music. Olefonken joins the Sunkissed residents every Friday as he offers an alternative selection through the more obscure corners of his record bag with an off-kilter edge. This week’s guest is B.Traits, a radio host, DJ, artist, label owner and one of the most progressive figures in electronic music today.

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From Drum n Bass to Techno, Recording artist to Radio presenter to Label owner, Vancouver to United Kingdom, Brianna Price has enjoyed an extensive career across musical disciplines to arrive at this point as one of the most sought after DJs of her generation. Since 2012 she’s enjoyed a productive and significant career in the halls of the BBC, which in 2018 she left to pursue “new musical projects.” Her label in.Toto which she says is “a vehicle for me to put out my own and other artists’ music on both vinyl and digital format. Music that I make, music that I love and music that I wish to share with you.”

A significant next step in her continuous path to being one of the most distinguished artists in her field is her own record label: In Toto. A desire for complete artistic freedom and a boundless musical direction lie at the heart of Brianna’s decision to open her own imprint, which sees releases ranging from house to techno to electronica, and everything in between.

Underpinning all these achievements is Brianna’s passion for sounds from across the musical spectrum, and her now well documented rampant eclecticism.

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