Frædag Invites DJ Boring

DJ Boring | G-Ha & Olanskii | RLOC

G-Ha & Olanskii yet again have their finger on the pulse of House music with this week’s guest to their Frædag residency, DJ Boring. Alongside the likes of DJ Seinfeld and Ross from Friends, DJ Boring has helped established as new inclination of House, one which the world can’t seem to get enough of today, and Frædag are right there with them, always on the forefront of dance floor culture and its music with their weekly bookings.

Australian born, London-based musician Tristan Hallis sent ripples through the underground house music community with the release of his single “Winona”. A vinyl aficionado and notoriously friendly dude, Boring’s signature stripped-down sound has become somewhat of a blueprint for an emerging sub-genre of house- a raw distorted music that stands as a stark contrast to musical elements of the commercial club scene. Echoing the sound of Nu Groove, displaced through the years and technology, DJ Boring and co, most notably featured on the UK label E-Beamz are the closest thing we’ve come to a scene in recent years, and with their penchant for writing catchy lo-fi dance floor fillers, they’ve swept up a whole new generation of listeners into their tide.

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