Frædag invites Jeremy Underground and Mutual Intentions

Jeremy Underground (My Love Is Underground) | G-Ha & Olanskii | Fredfades & Dirty Hans (Mutual Intentions) | R.L.O.C

A year on from his phenomenal first visit to our basement, Jeremy Underground returns, this time on the Frædag ticket, joining G-ha & Olanskii, RLOC and a special guest appearance by Mutual Intentions’ Fredfades and Dirty Hans. Jeremy Underground and his label My love is underground operates out of Paris, where they represent the underground of House music. MLIU is a labour of love for the Paris resident and it  grew out of a personal obsession for niche New York House which after a decade of selecting inspired Jeremy to start his own label with an emphasis on those musical obsessions. It’s this love of the underground that Jeremy brings to every set. His mixes are raw energetic occasions and can go from Jazzy piano riffs to abrasive brick-wall percussion in flawless mixes that bounce as much as they sway through a night.

Joining Jeremy Underground is Fredfades and Dirty Hans. The Mutual Intentions crew continue to light up line-ups and Fredfades and Dirty Hans are purveyors of rare boogie and leg-jerking electronic modern soul gems through their never-ending series of mixes and club nights. In addition to this prolific collecting and DJing, Fredfades has thoroughly been making his name as a producer in Hip-Hop circles as well. Dense layers of samples from hard to find records, crisp drums and ruthless bass lines are the main ingredients of his signature sound. From his early cult-status beat tapes with the Oslo SP Ensemble, to his latest LP releases on labels like King Underground (UK) and Jakarta Records (GR), Fades remains ever-evolving and never-compromised. His lush soundscapes are a treat for anyone who loves jazzy Rhodes, soulful grooves and 80s synthesizer-nerdery.

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