Frædag invites Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler (Madhouse records, Kaoz Theory, US) | G-Ha & Olanskii | Olefonken

Between Latin rhythms and the sounds of House in New York and the Garage, across the Hudson river from lower Manhattan, under the sight of  lady liberty’s gaze an artist and a sound emerged that would go on define a genre. Kerri Chandler was a voice of his generation and established the Jersey sound, which later informed Deep House, but as an artist and DJ lives beyond those denominations. He’s back… Kerri Chandler returns to our basement a year on after one of the most memorable nights we’ve ever had in Jæger. He returns to G-Ha & Olanskii’s Frædag, fusing tracks, edits and keys in what has become a legendary DJ set. Kerri Chandler joins an elite list of DJs like Carl Craig and Kenny Dope to visit Oslo as a guest at Jæger, representing the origins of House music, perpetuating the deeper end of the genre and laying the foundation for the entire genre to exist after him.

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Kerri Chandler

A DJ since the tender age of 13 with his roots in New York Garage, Kerri Chandler is a natural selector and prolific producer whose music and selections are informed by a deep seated spirituality that infects his sounds with an abundance of soul.

Each project is an attempt to inject his free spirit into a groove. In the expanses of his breaks the odd counter rhythm will inexplicably appear for a second and then disappear, creating fleshy excitement, not mechanical repetition. His now legendary bass-lines go from heavy and heady to playful and quirky while remaining deliriously intoxicating. His fusions, clamped to the beat of his unique thundering kick drum, redefine house music at every turn. His hooks are loving details, paying attention to horn hits, washes of synthesizers, and catchy choruses creating songs with brutal drive.

A musical progeny he has developed a DJ style all his own. More than a mere deejay spinning records, his sets are “live” during which he remixes tracks whenever he can by incorporating keyboards, vocalists, percussionists, guitars, violins, horns, projector screens, laser synths or just his own excellent soulful voice.

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