Frædag invites Martyn

Martyn | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.O.C

Martyn makes a long-overdue return to Jæger’s basement in the company of G-Ha & Olanskii for Frædag while Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken and Celius play our late night courtyard. Martyn appears with his much anticipated fourth studio album looming, and makes a welcomed return some three years on from his last visit.

Throughout the many layers of his winding journey in electronic music, Martijn Deijkers, aka Martyn, has always walked a singular path. His influences are diverse and his music is deeply inspired by the futuristic and melodic aspects of Detroit and Chicago, touching on elements of sounds that float across Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstep and various strains of Bass music, and all come together in a sound that’s uniquely Martyn. He traverses House and Techno, and encompasses abstract ambient soundscapes, a quality that shines directly through to his DJ sets. Based on musicality and energy in equal parts, Martyn’s sets are a rapt exploration of melancholy, futurism and dancefloor hypnotism.

Martyn’s records have featured on of Ninja Tune, AUS, Brainfeeder and his own 3024 label, label’s that are on the cutting edge of electronic music. Today, his latest EP comes to us via Ostgut Ton and once again shows a talent that’s not complacent in being pigeonholed. His recorded mixes – like his Fabric 50 mix and his BBC essential mix – have garnered legendary status, proving he is as esoteric in the booth as he is on a record, and there is no taboo in Martyn’s vocabulary when it comes to the tunes he selects.

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