Frædag invites nd_Baumecker & Mutual Intentions

nd_Baumecker (Ostgut Ton, Panorama Bar, DE) | G-Ha & Olanskii | FredFades | Hansa | Olefonken

The last of the DJ vanguard are fortified between chasm of eclecticism and function, where music strives to be a corporeal device and few boundaries exist between genres, styles and tastes. A red ceiling flashing in time with a syncopated beat, a subterranean liar, filled with writing bodies pulsing in time with a music made by machines. An oversized soundsystem stretched across four walls encourages a closeness in an intimate space where a DJ dictates the mood and swell of the evening. nd_baumecker joins G-Ha & Olanskii in our basement for a night of eclectic tastes selected by the Panorama bar resident going back to back to back with our Frædag residents under the artificial rainbow of our basement. An evening of contrasts ensues with the Mutual Intentions crew completing the line-up with FredFades and Hansa as well as Frædag resident Olefonken in our lounge.

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Frankfurt native Andreas Baumecker aka nd_baumecker began his DJ career in 1991 in a bar called Romantica, located near the city’s main train station. The venue was run by legendary nightlife impresario Hans Romanov, who also operated Intimbar, where Baumecker would eventually move on to a short time later. It’s there that Ata and Heiko M/S/O from Playhouse took notice, inviting Baumecker to work as a buyer for their record store Delirium and offering him a residency at their seminal WildPitchClub night at the Club Nachtleben.

Soon, Baumecker was regularly playing Frankfurt’s numerous electronic music venues (Box, XS, Music Hall, Dorian Grey), before moving on to Heidelberg, where he promoted the club night HD800 together with Dirk Mantei aka D-Man. After a short stop in Mannheim, regular guest DJ sets at Berghain / Panorama Bar predecessor club OstGut in Berlin, and establishing his own label Freundinnen Audio, nd_baumecker moved to the German capital in 2004. There he not only picked up a residency at Panorama Bar inside the newly opened Berghain but also started a job as the club’s in-house booker.

Since 2010 nd also produces with Sam Barker as Barker & Baumecker. The duo have released four 12”s and two albums on Ostgut Ton, operating musically between dancefloor and spiraling left field electronics. Finally, November 2018 sees release of nd_baumecker’s Panorama Bar 07 DJ mix.

Mutual Intentions

Mutual Intentions is an Oslo based crew and label unified by their work in music and visual arts. Mutual Intentions members are musicians Ivan Ave, Fredfades, Yogisoul, Mest Seff, Jawn Rice and SRAW, photographer Moe Chakiri, videographer Erik Treimann, videographer Olav Friisberg, designer Hans Jørgen Wærner and manager Stian Nicolaysen.


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