Frædag invites Tama Sumo

Tama Sumo (Panorama Bar Resident) | G-Ha & Olanskii |  R.L.O.C ( Ricky Late | Oskar Pask | Cellius)

Tama Sumo closes out a season that saw Marcel Dettmann, Massimiliano Pagliara Answer Code Request, Terence Fixmer, Roi Perez, Nick Höppner and Steffi proclaim autumn at Jæger as the unofficial Ostgut month. After DJ Nuhhh’s RETRO played host to Marcel Dettmann, Frædag assumes its position as our window to the world, again with G-Ha & Olanskii inviting Panorama Bar powerhouse Tama Sumo to our basement.

Heart, emotion and passion instead of pure functionality – these are Tama Sumo’s DJ characteristics in a nutshell. She started out in 1993 at Drama bar in Berlin / Kreuzberg, one of the first bars to ever feature its own DJ at the weekend and an important hang out for the scene before going to the clubs. Drama was one of the few venues at the time, playing house music, when techno was dominating most of the other clubs and bars. Tama Sumo used to play a lot of New York style vocal house and quickly became a regular DJ behind the decks at the gay Saturdays at Café Moskau. In the beginning of 1994 she started playing regularly at the legendary Club Globus/Tresor and became a resident DJ for about 10 years at the club. She began to integrate different electronic music genres into her house sets, a mixture, she constantly improved on over the years and which still plays a significant role in her current sets.Since 2001 Tama Sumo also played regularly at the Dance With The Aliens party at the old OstGut, Berghain’s predecessor club, which eventually opened the door to a residency at the new Panorama Bar & Berghain shortly after the club opened. She developed a varied style ranging from House, Disco, Techno, a smidgen of Detroit Electro and Pop. When Ostgut became Panorama Bar/ Berghain Tama Sumo followed and became a Panorama Bar resident, cementing her residency with the 2nd Panorama Bar mix CD. Not satisfied with remaining static as a DJ, Tama Sumo’s sets have developed to cover House, Techno, Jazz, Disco, Broken Beat, Soul, Funk, Afro Beat.

G-Ha & Olanskii are once again at the helm of Frædag while Ricky Late, Oskar Pask and Celius keep it koselig in our lounge as R.L.O.C the prow of our interplanetary ship sailing into the cosmos of electronic music dimensions.

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