Frædag x Insomnia invites Mike Servito & Romans

Mike Servito (Bunker New York, Ghostly) | Romans – Live ( Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam – Bunker New York) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C ( Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Petter Celius)

Once a year a musical event takes place north of the arctic circle, overshadowing the magnificent display of the Aurora Borealis with one of the most captivating and uncompromising electronic music lineups. It’s called Insomnia, a festival that seeks to evolve the creative energy this has given rise to by creating a platform for new electronic music and techno culture. Every year Jæger and Frædag collaborate with Insomnia Festival to bring some of the most uncompromising electronic artists to Norway with a stop at G-Ha & Olasnkii’s Frædag residency before making their way up past the arctic. This year Mike Servito and Romans represent Bunker New York and Ghostly international with Servito in the role of the DJ and the Tin Man/Gunnar Haslam duo Romans playing a live set.

Mike Servito is from a very special yet temporary and partially lost fertile crescent of techno / house / party DJing. It was a time when raves were still a fresh idea, almost felt like a revolution, and DJs like Claude Young, D Wynn, Derrick Carter and Mike Huckaby were informing an upcoming generation. Detroit never forgot about Mike Servito, his upfront dirty deep and bitchy taste has had an impact on Detroit nightlife for over a decade. From debuting in 1995 at Dat’s Poorboy parties, to being a resident at blackbx and Ghostly’s Untitled (along with Derek Plaslaiko, Tadd Mullinix, Matthew Dear, and Ryan Elliott), contributing to the bizarrely popular, wild and free Dorkwave, and progressing that concept into Sass (the hippest queer party in Detroit at the time), to blowing minds at Interdimensional Transmissions’ No Way Back parties, Servito has made his impression. Moving to Brooklyn, Detroit’s loss has been their gain, as he has found a proper home with a residency at The Bunker.

For more than a decade, The Bunker New York has been a nexus point for the transnational techno community. A chance meeting at The Bunker in 2011 brought together Gunnar Haslam and Johannes Auvinen (also known as Tin Man), who became fast friends and collaborators soon after, conceiving a joint project called Romans.

“The Roman theme opens a world to explore beyond both of our past endeavours,” says Auvinen, explaining the conceptual genesis of the collaboration. “In the same way Ennio Morricone may have conceived the ‘Spaghetti Western’ genre by fusing together various contemporary motifs and moods to conjure the spirit of a past era, we’re imagining stories and scenes from the Roman era, trying to manifest narratives while celebrating the distortions we see looking through the murky lens of time.” And while Morricone may be a conceptual reference point for Romans, their sound is anything but—instead offering up murky, psychedelic acid-etched cuts.


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