Frædag x Ploink

Mental Overdrive (Live) | +plattform (Live) | Dortmund (Live) | DJ Thomas Urv  | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C

Ploink, the Bergen techno label and events series from Bergen lands in the Oslo fjord again for their bi-annual label showcase, featuring a stellar cast of Norwegian Techno provocateurs in the form of live shows from Mental Overdrive, +plattform and Dortmund with label founder Thomas URV presiding over the event from the DJ booth. Ploink goes head to head with Frædag where G-Ha & Olanskii and the DJ collective R.L.O.C holds down their residency in our lounge and courtyard.

For over twenty years Ploink has been the alternative voice to Norwegian space Disco, preferring the shadowy marginal sound of Techno through events that brought some of the biggest names to Oslo from the international scene to a label whose sole purpose is to proliferate the sound of Norwegian Techno further afield. In this spirit they’ve called on Per Martinsen and his Mental Overdrive alias for a signature live show to celebrate the release of his next release on the label alongside releases by +plattform and Dortmund, who’ll mark the first half of the year for the Ploink label.

Mental Overdrive, who alongside artists like Biosphere and Bjorn Tørske put Trømso and Norway on the map for electronic music, quickly became the alternative voice for music from the region through releases on R&S and Virgin. A veteran producer and DJ, whose music is born in the depths of experimentalist electronics, his recorded works and live sets are uncompromising affairs and in the latter context always a unique experience.

+Plattform’s sound explores conceptual riffs, rhythmic juxtapositions and simplistic melodic movements within the confines of minimalism and Techno. Focussed on garnering a timeless quality through his productions while continuing that dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional, +plattform’s releases have found favour with labels like Ploink, Krill and Gynoid.

Dortmund is a French Norwegian electronic music duo consisting of Karl Markus Zavodny and Florian Grisard. Drawing inspiration from everything from Techno to House and Electro, Dortmund are purveyors of an analog sound forged in the processes of modern techniques. Dortmund has done remix and releases for teenage riot records, turbo recordings, sony, vocabula and more to come.

And away from the murky events that are set to take place in our basement Frædag hold down their residency, opening the doors to our courtyard where G-Ha & Olanskii (Sunkissed) lay down some of the latest and best House music around.


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