Frædag x Reworks invites Ison & Roland Lifjell

Ison (Reworks) | Roland Lifjell (Filter) 4hr set | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C

Greek festival, Reworks sends its representative Ison (Anastasios Diolatzis) to Frædag where he’ll join G-Ha & Olanskii in our sauna booth while local institution Roland Lifjell takes the keys to our basement from us. Anastasios second tour of Jæger sees the DJ and festival promoter play alongside G-Ha before they both make their way to Greece for the Reworks festival where G-Ha makes a second consecutive appearance.

Anastasios Diolatzis is one of the heads behind Greece’s longest running electronic music festival, Reworks, a formidable selector, and a producer you might have heard of before as Ison or one half of Actor One. As a producer Diolatzis has enjoyed marginal success on labels like Gigolo and Noir while his skill as a DJ is beyond compare in Greece and reaching audiences all across Europe, After his last appearance at Jæger for Det Gode Selskab last year, Frædag invites the Greek mainstay back with a whole new bag of records to showcase.

Meanwhile in our basement Roland Lifjell takes on a 4 hour session, narrating the course of a night from ambient to the nocturnal urges of the dance floor. For the past 25 years he’s serviced the Norwegian capital’s electronic music cognoscenti in every way imaginable, through DJing, party promoting, producing, a weekly slot on a local radio station, record label managing & distribution, and not least; running Norway’s only record store that caters for the techno community. Roland has managed Filter Musikk in downtown Oslo for the past 12 years, and this is possibly one of the very few shops in the world where you can buy records produced on equipment purchased in the very same store; Filter Musikk not only sells electronic music on vinyl, but also the synths & gadgets you need to make it. Raised on a diet of 80’s synth music (Ultravox, Depeche et al), Roland turned his interest to hip hop and then to techno as the 80’s turned into the 90’s, and he’s been one of the country’s most renowned DJ’s ever since. Roland has always favoured the deep, uncompromising and hypnotic side of electronic music.

This approach is also highly evident in the music he makes with production companion Kristian Sinkerud and his previous releases under the name of Audibelle. As the post-2K techno scene plunges deeper into cavernous, mesmerizing minimalism, Roland’s DJ sets sound as current as ever and are a testament to the fact that substance is essential.

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