Frædag x R&S with Space Dimension Controller and Renaat Vandepapeliere

Space Dimension Controller | Renaat Vandepapeliere | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C

R&S Records and Renaat Vandepapeliere have the keys to our basement where Space Dimension Controller joins them for a special label showcase while our Frædag residents G-Ha & Olanskii and R.L.O.C are in our courtyard playing into those first rays of dawn over the horizon.

The R&S prancing steed turns trojan horse, ready to unleash the full weight of R&S’ significant contribution to electronic music to a suspecting crowd in the intimate embrace of our basement Funktion One system. Label boss and co-founder Renaat Vandepapeliere heads the charge with label star Space Dimension Controller bringing his live show to the stage. R&S heralded a stream of cutting edge techno gold since the eighties  as the label corralled more seismic electronic battle-weapons than any in European dance music history. R&S licensed the hottest tunes from all over the world while developing its own formidable stable of producers. It’s catalogue is nothing short of stunning. The roster reads like the who’s who of electronic music, Aphex Twin, Derrick May, Ken Ishii, CJ Bolland, Kenny Larkin, 69 / Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Model 500, Dave Angel, the list goes on and on.

The start of 2008 saw the relaunch of R&S, releasing a number of re-mastered classic albums, and remixes of classics from the likes of Audion, Prins Thomas, Tom Middleton, Optimo and Boyz Noise. But the label is not about looking to the past, it’s continuing it’s tradition of releasing brand new, cutting edge music. Since the relaunch the label has re-positioned itself again as one of the most forward thinking electronic labels with the new roster featuring the likes of James Blake, Pariah, Tessela, Blawan, Lone, Airhead and of course Space Dimension Controller.
Known for his intergalactic take on house, Space Dimension Controller is a real sonic story teller. He is a talented live performer, whose unmistakable groove is both abstract and engaging, at times nostalgic and always futuristic. His various EPs and albums, which have found their way on Ninja Tune, Royal Oak and R&S mark a significant contribution to modern electronic music both off and on the dance floor, making a great representative for the R&S ideology, making its way to Jæger for this event.

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