Greetings from Jæger

There must be a glitch in the matrix… or did I just see two identical black cats? Wasn’t Leon Vynehall just here and didn’t Carl Craig’s rainy sets at Sukkerbiten and Jæger a thing we’ve witnessed only recently? I could have also sworn Ostgut Ton’s celebration of Zehn years occurred some mere months ago. And Marcel Dettmann at RETRO, well I know I have heard that set before. Is it deja vu? The matrix still seems fine however, nothing has changed that much, although those speakers in our basement weren’t always arranged like that, were they? No, turns out we’re all good, it’s just the autumn of return appearances from the DJs and institutions that have counted for some of the best nights at Jæger in the past. Two years on from Ostgut Ton’s incredible two night stint in our basement; a year after Carl Craig’s last visit at Frædag; Marcel Dettmann playing all night in our basement still fresh in our memory; and a mere few months from the first Leon Vynehall residency and we an autumn season at Jæger that’s both familiar, new and incredibly exciting for anybody with just smidgen of interest in electronic music.

Detroit’s in the house! Yes, that’s right you know Carl Craig is coming back, but in October we also play host to Mike Servito and Derrick May, for a Frædag and a Retro x Oslo World Music Festival collaboration respectively. Someone recently said “Techno is the new EDM”, but s/he must be listening to the wrong Techno and it’s time we acknowledge the difference between Techno and Tech House. It’s time to take it back to its roots, to the nucleus of it all where individuals like Derrick May and Carl Craig took the influences from Europe’s synth traditions and combined them with teachings from Funk and Soul to create one of the most singular music styles out of the most unlikely places, Detroit. Carl Craig collaborator and probably one of the finest DJs ever to emerge out of the motor city, Derrick May joins DJ Nuhhh for Retro and Oslo World Music Festival, and in the intimate setting of our basement Derrick May comes face to face with Oslo in an event that’s been long overdue.

Representing the continuing allure of Techno as a type of robotic soul music, Detroit is a place we have to acknowledge and even though the cradle of Techno today is Berlin, it would have been a non-starter if Detroit hadn’t taken the European synth traditions and turned songs into tracks. Yes, Berghain would have always been there because of EBM and Germany’s electronic music traditions, but there might not have been a dance floor if it wasn’t for a groove from Detroit.

But we couldn’t just have one without the other so we’ve also invited Ostgut Ton back for a two night stint across our two floors, a familiar scene from their monumental takeover two years ago for Zehn. Nick Höppner, Steffi, Answer Code Request, Roi Perez, Terence Fixmer and Massimiliano Pagliara make up the Ostgut Ton travelling party for these events, but coming in their wings is also Marcel Dettmann and Tama Sumo, making autumn at Jæger a Detroit and Berlin powerhouse struggle for dominance, two of the most enduring legacies left of electronic music represented through some of the world’s most accomplished DJs, producers and artists. Marcel Dettmann is taking over our basement again for a RETRO while Tama Sumo will join Fredag for a jaunt in October. Ostgut i.e Berghain/ Panorama Bar, like Detroit is coming out in full force this autumn season, and between those two electronic musical entities, there’s very little else left to discover.

Marcel Dettmann’s return appearance at RETRO adds to the weekly residency’s already awesome calendar this year with DJ Nuhhh continuing in his pursuit to book those underground heroes that continue to make waves. We haven’t been able to keep Nuhhh to ourselves though and have started to export his talents elsewhere too, and this month also saw the DJ play Dimensions Festival on the same roster as Øyvind Morken, Jæger leaving its mark on Fort Punta Christo in Croatia indefinitely. Øyvind and DJ Nuhhh aren’t the only exports this month and G-Ha also travels to Greece for a consecutive return appearance at Reworks in Thessaloniki.  

Look out for a long overdue piece on our blog talking about the past, present and future of G-Ha. Also on the blog, we’ve got some upcoming features on Roi Perez, Central and hopefully Nick Höppner as well as the usual Album of the Week, Jæger mix, editorial thought bubbles and any DJ, producer, artist or eccentric stranger we can corner for a chat.  Also visiting us this season we have, amongst others Mr. Scruff, Toby Tobias, Orpheo the Wizard, Sub Club, Giegling, KINK and… Olaf Boswijk. We caught up with the man behind 11 and Trouw earlier last week on our blog and while Balthasar is parked somewhere in Chile, he’ll be soundtracking our Friday night this upcoming weekend.

So not a black cat then, just a bunch of purposefully programmed nights with the music and DJs we’ve come to know and admire, just another packed autumn schedule at Jæger.

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