Jæger & Luft Recordings presents: Sassy 009 release-party

SASSY 009 (Live) 

Sassy 009 have been making a fierce impression in the indie music scene recently with the release of their official debut single Pretty Baby. With early love from Pitchfork, BBC Radio 1 and NTS, they’ve caught the ears of some of the most impressionable jocks and writers on the scene. Pretty Baby launched their music onto everybody’s playlist with a melodic soundscape constructed out of the ether and breathy voices whispering through the densely orchestrated arrangements.

The group came together when Sunni, a naturally gifted producer started making beats on her headphones a couple of years ago. Sassy 009 developed into a fully realised project however only when Teo and Joe joined the band half year ago and started to define their sound through 3 part harmonies, and conceptualising what SASSY 009 is. Going into the studio with Andrew Baardsen (aka Baya and Luft Recordings boss) the group quickly put an EP together for Luft Recordings and everybody Baardsen has played it to since has been instantly hooked.

They’ve developed a live show in the wake of their success and to celebrate the release of their debut EP, Jæger and Luft Recordings are proud to present Sassy 009.

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