Leon Vynehall Residency x Nightflight

Leon Vynehall | Medlar | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

Leon Vynehall comes to Jæger this April for the first of three residencies handpicked by the artist and DJ. Jæger joins, Concrete (Paris), Pikes (Ibiza) and Le Sucre (Lyon) as one of four venues that will host a series of events in a year that will see the DJ opt for a more reserved touring schedule. 

“This year I’m going to be spending a lot of time writing and playing fewer shows, focusing on my largest work to date. It’s likely I won’t be able to release any music until next year, so I thought about how I could offer something creative in a different way. Having toured a lot for several years, I have been lucky enough to play a number of amazing club spaces, and have become good friends with the people who run them.”

We’ve given him our courtyard for this purpose on  Saturday the 29th of April, where he has free reign to repurpose Jæger as and how he wishes for the first of three show throughout the year that will see an extended set from the DJ. 

“Being handed the reigns of the club for each night is something I’m very excited about. These venues, the dancers that attend, and the amazing people that run them have always welcomed me with open arms. They’ve supported me since the beginning, and given me freedom and time behind the booth. I would love you all to join. The party is for everyone.”

 Leon Vynehall is always a welcomed presence at Jæger and we look forward to hosting his three part residency. His DJ style remains eclectic, considered and always surprising, and has been expertly reflected in his popular mixes for the likes of FACT, XLR8R, and anybody that has seen the DJ in our basement before. Always one to let the music do the talking, he says a lot through that medium, and to know the DJ and producer is to listen to his music and his selections. 

But Saturday nights are nothing if not a night of contrasts at Jæger and while Leon Vynehall is upstairs with Medlar, MC Kaman has our basement for his night of guilty pleasures and unbridled pop adventures. 

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