Lyd with Olle Abstract, KSMISK and Rudolfs Kontainer

KSMISK | Rudolfs Kontainer | Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract ‘s Lyd show comes to life at Jæger in 2018. The Radio Host and DJ curates a night of music between the stage and the booth with a host of new- and established Norwegian music acts, while Olle Abstract segues a soundtrack from new Norwegian sounds to the great beyond as accompaniment. KSMISK and Rudolfs Kontainer join Olle Abstract for the inauguration of the event. This is the official release party for Rudolfs Kontainer debut album, Eclectic Rudolfland while KSMISK present some new music for their upcoming album on PLOINK.

KSMISK are the fringe-Techno project of Oslo boys outfit Trulz & Robin. The dub-heavy, Techno sounds of KSMISK have found their way on records Ploink, Rett i Fletta and Cymawax with a debut album on its way. Truls Kvam and Robin Crafoord share an innate bond, informed by similar tastes and a lifetime of working on music together across their various projects. As KSMISK the duo rarely stray outside the borders of Techno with a penchant for brilliant atmospheres and beguiling rhythm structures.

Rudolfs Kontainer are Mikal Lillo-Stenberg, Ulf Moen Denneche on bass, Pablo Guerrero on drums and Eivind A. Haugen on synths. Coming out of the Mars Melons collective out of Gamlebyen, the group blend lo-fi disco with all manner of electronic to arrive at a sound they describe as eclectic Krautrock.

Olle Abstract is a DJ with his finger firmly on the pulse of this music, a nonpartisan tastemaker, that is as comfortable in the company of the latest pop sensation as he is sampling the delicacies from House music’s more obscure origins. His monthly podcast, LYD in which he introduces new Norwegian music is an imperative part of our ongoing musical education at Jæger and when we do have the honour of his larger than life presence in our booth, we’re always amazed by the versatility of the DJ. His mixes burn through the rings of Space Disco, passes by the lunar stations of Afro-Beat, and gets sucks in to the black-hole of acid into the furthest possible dimensions of House, Techno and Disco.

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