Nightflight presents Finnebassen (Live) & Olanskii

Finnebassen (Live) | Olanskii |MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

Olanskii goes solo in the basement for a visit to MC Kaman’s Nightflight. He’s extended an invitation to Sunkissed affiliate and long-time Jæger friend, Finnebassen to join him in the subterranean depths, where the famed Norwegian producer will perform live for an intimate audience. MC Kaman reigns above with Jan Sverre, playing the latest in contemporary pop music as a night of contrasts ensues.

Olanskii is one half of the Sunkissed and Oslo power duo G-Ha & Olanskii, who share a responsibility for some of the most memorable events hosted in the Norwegian capital. A pivotal body in the Oslo music scene, Olanskii has brought some of the world’s leading musical talents to Norway and exported a fair few Norwegian artists and DJs through nights like the Sunkissed residency at Fabric. Starting out as a booker for the famed Notting Hill Arts Club, Olanskii took his connections and his knowledge back to Oslo in the early 2000’s and with Geir “G-Ha” Holger established a legacy that continues to promote progressive electronic music to- and from Norway today. More recently he has channelled all that into Jæger and the Frædag residency as part-owner, manager and booker for our humble abode. He continues to inspire and motivate the scene around him and have given a fair few DJs and artists from the city their first step on a rung of a ladder to a career. 

Finnebassen marks one such talent as a frequent visitor to Sunkissed and Jæger. He’s the talent behind tracks like “If you Only knew” , “What you do” and “Rotundo”, but it’s as a DJ where he’s honed his craft most noticeably. An extensive touring schedule sees him travel the world each year to play to audiences that can go from intimate club spaces to vast  festival crowds. Recently he’s taken to the stage in a live show that combines his soulful melancholic House sounds with the fervour of the dance floor. 

Meanwhile upstairs… 

Saturday at Jæger is for the lovers, the lovers of a good melody, an accessible beat and a bassline that goes right through to your feet. The godfather of Oslo’s disco scene, Jan Sverre samples the flavours of the past, from funk and disco to eighties pop and sets the tone for a night of easy fun with infectious hooks and pulsing riffs. Jan Sverre will take his listeners on an informed journey through the history of music, music that will strike a chord on some subconscious level with the tracks that did it first.

MC Kaman takes the reins for the rest of the night and way into the early hours of the morning with a selection of music that signifies the cutting edge of the charts. Ever the iconoclast, there’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is willing to accommodate and the music in his record box is the music of an innocent youth, carefree and unperturbed by the opinion of others. There is no irony to be found here… only a good time in the company of good popular music. Saturday is a day of contrasts however and while MC Kaman and Jan Sverre keep our basement cosy, our guests in our backyard bring an esoteric edge to your Saturday clubbing experience in the latest in Techno, House and Disco.

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